Rogier Bikker, Understanding the Youth of Tomorrow|读懂明天的年轻人

Rogier Bikker is the Dutch founder and CEO of TOMORROW, a Shanghai-based creative agency with an ambition: to make Chinese youth fall in love with your brand. He says that his team of talented young people creatives gives him an edge in grasping what … »

Zhou Ning – Directing Adman in China|周宁 — 中国的掌镜广告人

Zhou Ning 周宁 Director Zhou Ning is an adman. Coming from advertising agency background, he shoots distinctive commercial films, and doesn’t seem to harbour movie ambitions like many of commercial directors. He evades to say exactly how long he’s been … »

The Golden Italian Hands in China|意大利 “金手党” 在中国

The digital, as promised,is on the way to conquering everything. That’s increasingly how we communicate, how brands do promotions, and how commercial films and videos are spiced up with visual effects. When a special effects studio offers a different approach, … »

Unbridled creative force: director Ding Yuchen 干一行,爱一行:丁雨晨

Ding Yuchen 丁雨晨 In a short span of three years, Ding Yuchen managed to become one of the most sought-after Chinese advertising directors. Take a look at the credits of recent commercial films that epitomize trending mixture of storytelling and fresh, fashionable … »

The Clown Director, Nieto and Stink Films |“小丑”导演: Nieto 与 Stink Films

When we saw the head of celebrity-actor Huang Bo in a stop motion animation for WWF, it caught our eyes. It’s Stink‘s latest commercial, directed by Nieto, a Colombia-born Paris-based artist who works as a painter, musician, performer, filmmaker, and a stage visual director … »

New production house in town: All in Film|新秀制片公司前来报到:All in Film

In March, when shooting in China was still banned, and many businesses had to shut their doors, a new production house called All in Film was established in Shanghai, finding opportunity in adversity. All in Film, who’s team is ambitious, passionate about being … »

The story of New Studios- China’s Vimeo 新片场的故事 —— 中国的Vimeo

In the world of Chinese commercial filmmaking, a profile page on New Studios (Xinpianchang) website is the new norm— everyone you collaborate with is highly likely to have one. Some of over 2 million registered users give their profile on Xinpianchang … »

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