Sensitivity in Chinese ads | 争议的广告在中国

Social media is undeniably a means for people to come together and express opinions. And the opinions expressed often evoke rage and heated discussions – particularly if you are a celebrity, influencer or a brand you can really be called … »

A new marketing formula | 奶粉市场新营销

The abolishment of the controversial one-child policy in China is an economic prospect for many child-oriented businesses, especially baby formula. 中国颇有争议的独生子政策的废除,对于许多针对婴幼儿产品的产业来说,尤其是婴幼儿奶粉,带来了经济前景。 The 2017 statistics show that 75% of Chinese mothers feed their babies  formula, many of them being forced to … »

Post-production stories: Chinese classics for modern day players | 后期制作故事:现代玩家的中国经典

For Vision Shanghai (formerly Seoulvision Shanghai), this year started with new beginnings: new name, new brand, and new goals. The company, which handles everything from Editing, Motion Graphic,VFX,CGI,Sound recording, aims to unite the best teams to provide the highest results. … »

Women’s (Empowerment) Day | 三八妇女节,看到女性的力量

It’s starting to feel like there is a festival or holiday nearly every month in China that caters to consumerism. Single’s Day finishes out the year, then we start a new with Chinese New Year, and now on March 8th … »

12th Zodiac : Year of the Pig | 12生肖:猪年集锦

As the year of the Pig approaches, we thought we would take a moment to look at some great pig-related spots to remind people that the year of the pig is something we can all feel good about whether or not it brings us wealth. | 随着金猪将近,我们认为我们有必要回顾一下这些过去重要的节点,同时提醒人们不管猪能不能带来财富,今年都将是美好幸运的一年。 … »

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