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Top Stunt Team in China: Part 2 | 顶尖替身团队在中国 (下)


Veteran stunt artist, coordinator, and director Julian Chica Rose, founder of the Stunt Masters Team continues to tell us about his biz. If you’ve missed last week Part 1, see below.

资深替身艺术家、Stunt Masters团队创始人Julian Chica Rose继续讲述神秘的替身行业。如果你错过了上周发布的文章第一部分,请点击下面阅读。

Top Stunt Team in China: Part 1 /顶尖替身团队在中国(上)

Let’s start with (seemingly) easy ones: spins and flips. “Everyone thinks they can spin,” Julian says. “But when you spin a car in a tiny place and between two other vehicles without a scratch—that’s another story.” Still, spins and flips are everyday business to Julian and his team and a common film request.

让我们从(看似)最简单的开始:旋转和翻转。“每个人都认为他们可以旋转,” Julian说。“但如果你在一个小地方,在两辆车之间旋转,还不许有一点划痕,那就没这么容易了。” 不过,旋转和翻转是Julian和他的团队的日常工作,也是常见的电影要求。

Julian’s team can drive cars and even big heavy trucks on two wheels (or whatever number of wheels big trucks have on one side) and sometimes for hours without stopping until the gas is over. That’s not all. “We can also stop the car on two wheels and keep the balance,” he says. “But such stunts are not for beginners. You must have a lot of experience and practice time,” he adds. There’s no disputing that.

Julian的团队可以只用两个轮子驾驶汽车甚至大型重型卡车(或者单边驾驶任意数量轮子的大型卡车),有时可以连续几个小时不停车,直到汽油耗尽。这还不是全部。他说: “我们还可以用两个轮子让汽车停下来,以保持平衡。” 但这样的特技不适合初学者。你必须有大量的经验和实践,” 他补充道。这显然是毋庸置疑的。

Believe it or not, crashing a car demands a lot of experience and knowledge. Julian and his team know it well. They perform six different types of simulated crashes daily for the live shows.


In a heavy stunt, every collision equals one wasted car. Of course, drivers are not that replaceable. So how do they prevent people from dying? One answer: follow the safety protocols to the teeth.


Performing stunts live in a thrilling show for a large crowd is definitely tricky. You only have one take. But that’s not to say things are easier in front of the cameras. In films, stunt drivers face a full set of challenges.


When Volkswagen invited film superstar Wu Jing to star in a car commercial, it could have seemed that things would be easy. After all, he’s known in the film industry for doing his own stunts—and that was the point of the commercial, anyway. But for this one, he was in the passenger seat while another actor drove the car in a thrilling sequence shot in Shanghai. But Julian was really the one behind the wheels. And he had to drive full speed on two wheels between two heavy trucks.


On set of VW x Wu Jing commercial shoot

All good. Except that his team couldn’t adapt the car for the stunt. “It was tough to keep it on two wheels. And it didn’t help that it was a four-wheel drive. Frankly? It was a little scary,” he says.

最后一切顺利。只是他的团队无法改装这辆车来完成这项特技。“保持持续的两轮驾驶很困难。而且车还是四轮驱动的。要听真心话?的确是有点吓人,” Julian坦言到。

He also had little time to rehearse the stunt. “In China, things need to happen fast. Besides, shooting days are expensive, and production houses can’t waste time,” he explains. But that doesn’t bother him. “I understand that. As long as we guarantee safety, we can adapt to anything,” he adds—his decades of experience definitely help.

另一方面,他当时也没有什么时间去排练这一特技。“在中国,做事要快。另外,拍摄时间就是金钱,制作公司不能浪费时间,” 他解释说。但这并没有给他造成困扰: “我明白。只要我们保证安全,我们可以适应任何事情,” Julian补充说,他这几十年的经验绝对有帮助。

If crashes are hard, this one was a handful. Along with several car crashes, motorbikes skidding, and explosions were part of an electrifying car chase in the middle of busy Shanghai. It all happened in an open space—or so it seems. “Even when it looks like it’s an open space, it all happens on closed roads, very protected areas by security staff,” Julian says.

Jaguar F Pace commercial

如果说撞车是件很困难的事,那么这件事就更困难了:在繁忙的上海市中心,反生了几起车祸,摩托车打滑、爆炸,还有一场电动汽车的追逐。而这一切都发生在一个开放的空间,至少看起来得是这样。“即使它看起来像一个开放的空间,但其实这一切都发生在封闭的道路上,是有安全人员特殊保护的区域,” Julian说。

Remember, it’s a Jaguar. The production house emphasized they were not to damage the car. But he still had to drive through a busy food market, hitting everything in the way.


Julian worked hard together with the art department and, in the end, there was not one scratch on the car. Julian和美术部一起努力工作,最终汽车上没有一个划痕。

But not everything is about speed. There’s also elegance involved in Julian’s business, which we can see in this BMW spot shot in a Qingdao studio.


It features four new BMW models in a beautifully choreographed dance. “Each car drove differently, so we had to adapt to that,” Julian says. “Also, when you do the stunt, the grip of the tires is critical. We’re used to asphalt. In the studio, it was cement. It’s much more slippery.” 


Another challenge stunt drivers face nowadays is that new cars practically drive themselves, and they come with many high-tech sensors to protect the driver. Naturally, this is counterintuitive for a stunt driver, making everything even more tricky.


Julian believes most people usually misjudge stunt artists.


Julian is not talking only about cars, trucks, and motorbikes. He and his team can perform other stunts, too, like the infamous man on fire. That means walking through flames with their bodies fully protected with fire-retardant gel. “Even so, it takes courage. You cannot panic. I’ve done it many times,” Julian says.

Julian说的不仅仅是汽车、卡车和摩托车。他和他的团队还可以表演其他的特技,比如著名的着火的人。穿过火焰时,他们的身体需要有防火凝胶提供充分的保护。Julian 告诉我们:“即便如此,这也需要勇气。你不能恐慌。我虽然已经做过很多次了,还是需要鼓起勇气。”

When we ask him how it feels to walk through fire, he laughs: “It’s pretty hot.”


To know more about Julian and his Stunt Masters Team you can get in touch on WeChat or by email

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