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Emotional campaigns dominate the China prizewinners in Singapore



Some of the best work from China over the past 12 months picked up awards this weekend at Spikes Asia.


每年9月在新加坡举办的Spikes亚洲创意节是亚太地区最重要的广告节之一。由Lions Festivals运营主办,每年夏天在戛纳举办全球最大的广告节。中国广告界对于国际舞台一直表现出冷漠的态度,这也是Lions Festivals力图改变的。他们试图通过招纳更多中国地区评委以及演讲者来刺激中国公司积极参与到创意节的活动中。

The event, held every September in Singapore, is one of the region’s leading advertising shows.  It is operated by Lions Festivals, the group that runs the world’s biggest showcase every summer in Cannes.  China’s advertising industry is typically poorly represented on the international stage, something Lions Festivals have made efforts to change in recent years, by adding more speakers and judges from China to the program. 


Despite the usual “absence” of Chinese delegates in Singapore this year, China-based agencies did pick up a decent haul of Spikes prizes.

佛海佛瑞上海在年度独立广告公司奖位列次席 | Fred & Farid Shanghai takes second in Independent Agency of the Year

这家由Fred Raillard和Farid  Mokart 2007年在巴黎成立的法国广告公司已经逐渐壮大。2012年,他们在上海成立了分公司,至今名下客户包括欧莱雅、保乐力加、保时捷、可口可乐、苏宁和雅漾。2015年,佛海佛瑞又在北京和纽约相继成立了分公司。

The French agency has gone from strength to strength since it was founded by creative duo Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart in Paris in 2007.  They opened a Shanghai office in 2012 and have handled accounts for the likes of L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard, Porsche, Coca-Cola, Sunning and Avène.  2015 saw the launch of two more offices in Beijing and New York.

路易十三《Not Coming Soon》 | Not Coming Soon for Louis XIII de Remy Martin

他们在2014时就已经荣获Spikes年度独立广告公司这一奖项,并在2015年的名单上位列第三。尽管今年位列次席,他们在其他奖项中的收获依然客观。他们为路易十三打造的Not Coming Soon广告系列在营销与推广奖项中拿下两枚银牌。而为回忆实验室制作的《当下即回忆》精彩广告却令人遗憾的仅获得了一枚影视制作铜奖。最后他们凭借并不出彩的惠普Omen游戏本在《部落冲突》上的推广拿到了一枚铜奖。

The company won Independent Agency of the Year at Spikes in 2014 and took third in 2015.  Despite a second place finish this year, their prize haul from Singapore, where Raillard headed the Innovation Jury, was fairly modest.  The “Not Coming Soon” campaign for Louis XIII de Rémy Martin, added to the prizes it won in Cannes this year, winning two silvers in Promo & Activation, while there was only a bronze in Film Craft for the stunning #TreasureToday film created for Memories Lab.  Rounding things off was another bronze in Mobile for the less sexy HP Omen campaign, which promoted the brand’s laptop on the Clash of Clans game.

Trio Isobar和W拿下影视金奖 | Movie Gold for W and Trio Isobar

尽管今年的中国广告公司无一能收获全场大奖,一部瞄准中国市场的广告作品——《危情生命线》——获得了娱乐项的最高奖项。这部30分钟的电影广告由好莱坞厂商Anonymous Content和奥美北美共同制作,并且请来了王力宏和Olivia Mum出演。

There was no Grand Prix for China-based agencies, though a film aimed firmly at the Chinese market took the biggest prize in the Entertainment category, namely Qualcomm’s cinematic 30-minute effort starring Wang Leehom, created by Hollywood studio Anonymous Content and Ogilvy & Mather North America.

imageAnonymous Content与奥美北美作品:高通骁龙《危情生命线》 | Qualcomm: Lifeline, by Anonymous Content and Ogilvy & Mather North America


Trio Isobar的康师傅方便面广告在娱乐奖中获得了一枚金牌。这家数字营销广告公司于2013年被安吉斯媒体收购并重组,之后与东方梦工厂合作,和功夫熊猫3的团队创造了原创形象:兔大师。这个营销活动包括了玩具手办、H5游戏、户外广告、社交媒体推广、公关、店内展示和巡展等。

Two of China’s three gold-winning projects were centred around movies.   

Trio Isobar won gold in Entertainment for its campaign to promote Master Kong noodles. The digital agency, acquired and rebranded by Aegis Media in 2013, worked closely with Oriental Dreamworks to create an original branded video starring the cast of Kung Fu Panda 3 and an original character, Master Rabbit. The campaign involved action figures, an H5 game, outdoor ads, social engagements, PR, in-store display and road shows.

Trio Isobar作品:康师傅《一碗面的功夫》 | Master Kong: Master Kung Fu of Noodles, by Trio Isobar


Shanghai agency W also took gold for the vintage Design of its mobile quiz leveraging the movies of Chinese star Jiang Wen to promote’s cinema ticket service.

20150106125200_98241W作品:大众点评《评什么爱姜文》 | Gone with your comments on Jiang Wen, by W

感性作品大卖 | Emotional Work Wins


Elsewhere, emotional work was the dominant theme throughout China’s winners.


There was a gold for Y&R Shanghai’s illustrated campaign for The Samaritans in Print & Outdoor Craft, highlighting the plight of different vulnerable groups in society, adding to its haul in Cannes.



Another multiple Cannes winner, the “SMS Last Words” for the Global Road Safety Partnership, a jarring warning against texting and driving by Havas Worldwide Shanghai, took a silver Spike in Outdoor and bronze in Design.

在影视制作方面,奥美上海与伦敦RSA影视带回一座银奖。他们在为华为拍摄的《与鲨共舞》中,通过出色的镜头运用展示了Cristina Zenato是如何触摸鲨鱼并“催眠”他们的。

In Film Craft, Ogilvy & Mather’s Shanghai and RSA Films London earned a silver, recognising the outstanding cinematography in their touching spot for Huawei about Cristina Zanato’s remarkable ability to induce a hypnotic state in sharks simply by placing her hands on them.

奥美上海作品:华为《与鲨共舞》|Huawei: Shark Dancer, by Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai

奥美北京在公关银奖作品《啃指甲救犀牛》中与动物保护组织野生救援合作,邀请Richard Branson,李冰冰及许多中国各界名流一起共同抵制犀牛角交易。犀牛角在传统中医中被认为是一种药物,通过这则广告,奥美向人们解释犀牛角所含的角蛋白成份实际上在人类指甲中也能找到。

Ogilvy & Mather Beijing won silver in PR for its “Nail Biting for Rhinos” campaign for China conservation organization WildAid, employing Richard Branson, Li Binging and a handful of Chinese celebrities to discourage the trade in rhino horns by explaining that the supposedly healthy property in them, keratin, can actually be found in human fingernails.

richard-branson-e1452228194139-700x421奥美北京作品:野生救援《啃指甲救犀牛》 | WildAid: Nail Biting for Rhinos, by Ogilvy & Mather Beijing


Children were the focus for BBH Shanghai’s silver winning film, “My Son” for China’s Child Safety Emergency Response, which urges vigilance to prevent children going missing.  Along similar lines was the bronze winning Mobile campaign by Tencent Shenzhen, which alerts users via QQ to lookout for recently missing children in their area.


腾讯深圳作品:QQ《全城助力》| QQ Alert, by Tencent Shenzhen


From children then to unborn babies, where JWT Shanghai won a Healthcare bronze for its campaign for Elevit, a pregnancy multivitamin and mineral supplement.  To tackle the issue of fathers in China not being allowed to sit in with their pregnant partners at ultrasound appointments, the agency and production company Gwantsi developed a device that expectant fathers could place on their chest to experience the precious moments of feeling their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

JWT上海作品:爱乐维《爱在初生前》| Elevit All for the First Hello, by JWT Shanghai


Gwantsi were involved in another Healthcare prizewinner, this time a campaign with MullenLowe Shanghai for China Telecom.  China faces a growing problem of neck, shoulder and back pain, symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis, caused by bad posture from staring down at mobile phones.  ‘Healthy Wifi’ is intuitive technology built into smartphones that shuts itself down if the phone is not held upright, between 70 and 75 degrees perpendicular to the ground. 


Elsewhere, there was more metal for W for their Douban “Inner Space” campaign and JWT’s impressive projection campaign for Intel, both in Digital Craft.  Much of the credit for the latter goes to creative digital production company MediaMonks Shanghai, delivering one of their first major projects in China.


Elsewhere, W+ K Shanghai had fun toying with typewriters to build the ‘typeself’ machine, which used type compositions to create photo-like image of their studio team.

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