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Shanghai Agencies Get Among The Cannes Prizes



China-based agencies picked up trophies on Day 4 with Y&R Shanghai’s campaign for The Samaritans the notable success story, winning Silver Lions in the Outdoor category, and Bronze in Health & Wellness and Design. Bronzes were awarded to Havas Worldwide Shanghai in Design for their SMS Last Words campaign for Global Road Safety Partnership, and BBH Shanghai in PR for the Anti-Bacterial Red Packet for Unilever China.

13509044_10154878362324325_5927300892874781066_nFlo Rida在Viacom派对上|Flo Rida at Viacom party

颁奖典礼结束后嘉宾们涌入海滩参加多个派对。其中包括Viacom的派对。他们请来了嘻哈明星Flo Rida助阵。随后在卡尔顿酒店,FilmBrazil主办了一场海滩派对。

Guests spilled out of the award ceremony and onto the beach for a succession of parties, including Viacom’s affair featuring rotund hip-pop party boy Flo Rida, followed by FilmBrazil’s do along the beach at The Carlton.

_DSC0294Flo Rida在Viacom派对上|Flo Rida at Viacom party


Cyber and Innovation Lions winners will be announced on Wednesday. Check back tomorrow to see if China can add to their so far modest haul.


Film Brazil派对|Film Brazil Party

The Award Winners

扬罗必凯上海  | 撒马利亚会

  • 户外广告狮子奖:银牌
  • 健康狮子奖:铜牌
  • 设计狮子奖:铜牌(边缘群体)

Y&R Shanghai  | The Samaritans

  • Outdoor Lions: Silver
  • Health & Wellness Lions: Bronze
  • Design Lions: Bronze (for Transgender)Cannes Winner-01


  • 设计狮子奖:铜牌

Havas Worldwide Shanghai  | Global Road Safety Partnership

  • Design Lions: Bronze

最后的短信|SMS Last Words


  • 公关狮子奖:铜奖

BBH Shanghai  | Unilever China

  • PR Lions: Bronze


除菌红包|Anti-Bacterial Red Packet




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