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FF Transform Ephemeral Into Eternal In Memorieslab Film |
FF 将瞬间变成永恒


Lost amidst today’s deluge of information, we are in danger of losing touch with the preciousness of the present moment. Hong Kong-based experimental photo lab start-up Memorieslab believes that the ideal means of capturing and preserving these moments is through high-quality traditional printing.





The brand have just launched their first campaign with a manifesto film created by Kids Love Jetlag, the start-up spirit agency network belonging to the FF (Fred & Farid) Group, spread across their Paris and Shanghai offices.  The film represents the first milestone of a wider #TreasureToday campaign, with Memorieslab promising to continue to immerse audiences in an ‘ode to monochrome’ in the coming weeks.

Memorieslab 品牌刚刚推出了一部宣言式的电影,将其作为其首个宣传活动,该片由Kids Love Jetlag公司所创作,这家富有创业精神的广告机构隶属于分布在巴黎和上海佛海佛瑞(Fred & Farid)集团。这部电影可谓是一场更大规模的宣传活动“当下即回忆”(TreasureToday) 的首个里程碑。Memorieslab将继续在未来几周打造“黑白诗篇”(ode to monochrome),让观众沉浸其中。

The stunning, poetic black and white film, directed by young French talent Mathieu César, was shot across three days in the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland.  SHP+ caught up with Fred & Farid Shanghai Art Director Pierrick Jégou to learn more about the film’s conception and production.

这部令人震撼又充满诗意的黑白电影由法国天才Mathieu César所执导,在冰岛超脱尘世般的风景中拍摄三天所完成。SHP+采访了上海佛海佛瑞的艺术总监Pierrick Jégou,以了解影片的构思和制作。


What was the brief from MemoriesLab for the film and the campaign overall? MemoriesLab对这部片子以及整体宣传活动的创意纲要是什么?

We had the chance to meet Memorieslab at the earliest stage of the company development, which gave us the opportunity to help them determine their brand territory.  Our collaboration started with a strategic and long-term point of view, built in a very collaborative way, and most importantly, always filtered by creative inputs. Memorieslab believes emotions are best preserved in print.  They wanted to position themselves as a high-end photo lab and conceptual online photo gallery. With this in mind we recommended that they seek to own the territory of monochrome, because only black and white has the power to make life’s moments sacred for eternity.  Furthermore, black and white immediately enhances the beauty of things, imbuing imagery with a timeless edge.  Images are stronger than words, because they are eternal.  This is the key message behind #TreasureToday.  We created our own brief – Memorieslab’s first brand campaign should start with an inspiring manifesto movie introducing this monochrome statement and universe.

在 Memorieslab发展初期,我们就有机会了解到该公司,并且有机会帮助他们确定公司的品牌版图。我们的合作从长远战略角度出发,打造合作方式,最重 要的是,创意总是贯穿在合作中。Memorieslab相信,照片是保留情感的最好方式。它将自身定位为高端影像实验室和在线概念艺廊。鉴于这一点,我们 建议Memorieslab占领黑白照片这一领域,因为只有黑白照片的力量才能够封存生命中的时刻,变得永恒且神圣。此外,黑白色调能够即刻提升事物的美 丽,让影像跨越时间的界限。图片要比文字更有力量,因为图片是永恒的。这就是“当下即回忆”背后蕴含的主要信息。我们打造了自己的信念 – Memorieslab的首个品牌活动应该是一部鼓舞人心的宣言式的电影,引入黑白的基调和世界。


Talk us through the creative process.  How did the ideas evolve? What were your inspirations?

For us, the Memorieslab brand movie was not an end per se, but a starting point. The idea evolved as the next steps of the plan were being refined.  Diverse inspirations fed the creative process: Melancholia by Lars von Trier, Christian Bobin’s readings, even Back To The Future!
我 们觉得Memorieslab的品牌宣传片并不是终点,而是一个起点。随着下一步计划的优化,想法也在不断发展。创意过程来自于多种灵感:拉斯·冯·提尔 (Lars von Trier)的影片《忧郁症》(Melancholia),克里斯提昂·博班(Christian Bobin)的书籍,甚至还有影片《回到未来》!

Can you talk a little about the story of the film?

The film was thought of as a visual poem full of symbolism. The DeLorean denotes humanity’s rush towards the future; the motorcyclist racing on a desert beach illustrates the fleeting race we all leave on Earth; two old lovers represent true love, which takes a lifetime to achieve but can equally be condensed into one single instant. These feelings are linked altogether by an irreversible explosion, edited in rewind as a metaphor of our sealed fate. At the film’s finale, we are reminded that all the fascinating imagery happening around us can be captured by a single gesture – the click of the camera – which has the power to transform the ephemeral into the eternal.

这部电影被认为是一首充满了象征意义的视觉诗篇。 德劳瑞恩汽车象征着疾驰向前的人生;沙漠海滩上的摩托车手奔驰过白驹过隙的人生轨迹;两个相伴到老的爱人代表着真爱,这份天长地久的爱同样可以凝结成一瞬 的光阴。这些情感片段在影片结尾经由不可逆转的爆炸联系在一起,在倒带的剪辑处理与镜头语言之中,隐喻终将流失的时间和终结的命运。无论是怎样的人生,总 有一天归零。影片向观众巧妙地传递这样的信息 – 人生中所有真情流露的美好画面都可以在按下快门的一瞬间化为永恒。


Who wrote the copy?

It was interesting to see how the images inspired the copy, and then how the copy inspired the editing. Joseph Davies, our copywriter at Kids Love Jetlag, made his words one with the visuals. We recommend watching the movie at least twice: first, to be captivated by the visual spectacle, and then again to catch the meaning behind each sequence and be transported by the voice and her message celebrating the present.  We are very proud of the signature Treasure Today, which ends the film. This is the best and most inspiring invitation to crystallize each moment of life, like a mantra.

影像激发了文字,文字又激发了剪辑。Kids Love Jetlag的撰稿人Joseph Davies将文字和视觉融为一体。我们建议这部电影至少要看两遍:首先沉浸在视觉景观里,再看一遍的时候,要捕捉每一个镜头背后蕴藏的含义,声音解说会 传递出所要表达的信息,也就是庆祝当下。电影结尾出现的“当下即回忆”令我们很骄傲。这样一种最鼓舞人心的最好的方式,就像魔咒一样,提醒人们定格生命中 的每一时刻。

Why did you select Mathieu César to direct the film?
为什么选Mathieu César来执导这部片子?

Mathieu Cesar is young, talented and passionate about black and white photography – only 27 years old and already admired by black and white masters such as William Klein.  Memorieslab is a young brand, with a passion for black and white photography that goes into every detail, right down to the printing process and selection of the papers.  We saw it as a natural match.
Mathieu Cesar年轻、才华横溢、对黑白摄影充满热情 – 他才27岁,但是就已经得到William Klein等黑白摄影大师的赞许。而Memorieslab也是一个年轻的品牌,对黑白摄影的热情渗透到每一个细节当中,包括打印照片的过程还有纸张的选 择方面。所以我们觉得这是自然而然的匹配。


Why was Iceland chosen for the shoot?

We wanted to be out of time to be able to speak about time. Iceland is like another planet, beautifully sharp and preserved.

What were the biggest challenges during the shoot?

The toughest part was not the shooting, but the editing. After three days of shooting under Mathieu César’s direction and thanks to Arnaud Potier, an exceptional D.O.P, we gathered so many beautiful rushes that it made the selection very hard. It was a succession of dilemmas: should we choose this angle rather than that one? Shall we make this sequence longer? Honestly, we had enough material to create a series of mini-movies.  We finally managed to condense the footage into one captivating 2 minute 42 second-long film.

其实最难的并不在于拍摄,而是后期的剪辑。在 Mathieu César的指导和Arnaud Potier的监制下,我们完成了三天的拍摄后,收集了太多美好瞬间,从中进行挑选相当困难。我们总觉得进退两难:我们是不是应该选择这个角度,不要那个 角度?某一个片段是不是应该长一点?说实话,我们的材料多的可以做出一系列微电影了。最后,我们终于可以将脚本压缩,做出了一个2分42秒引人入胜的片 子。


How has the film been received so far?  How do you feel about the final version?

The film has been showcased on various media such as Hypebeast, Vogue and of course on  I feel good about it. This movie is true to myself. I hope people can enjoy the beauty and poetry in it, which is what I expect to infuse in everything I do.


Discover the full visual universe at


Credits 演职人员

Client 客户:Memorieslab
Campaign 广告活动名称:当下即回忆
Memorieslab Founders 创始人:Andy Shi & Raymond Shi
Memorieslab Creative Director 创意总监:Hannes Unt
Creative Agency 创意广告公司:Kids Love Jetlag上海(佛海佛瑞集团)
Chief Creative Officer首席创意官:Fred & Farid
Conception & Art Direction 概念和艺术指导:Pierrick Jégou
Art Direction assistant 艺术指导助理:Nicolas Liberman
Copywriting 文案:Joseph Davies – Susan Lin
Brand Strategy 品牌战略:Guillaume Leroux
Account Supervisors 财务主管:Isabelle Constant – Guillaume Leroux – Solene Marce – Vanessa Sayarath – Cindy Chiu – Hortense Martin
Agency producer 广告公司制片:Karim Naceur
Producer Assistant 制片助理:Slim Trabelsi
Production 制作:Iconoclast
Producers 制片人:Nicolas Lhermitte – Félix Mondino
Line Producer 执行制片人:Maximilien Rivolet
Director导演:Mathieu César
D.O.P 制作总监:Arnaud Potier
Stylist 造型师:Martine de Menthon
Executive Production Iceland 冰岛执行制片人:True North
Music title 音乐:Memories we’re left with
Music supervision 音乐监制:BCKSTG / Leo Copet
Music writer & producer 音乐创作人及制作人:Romain Tranchart & Gregory Louis
Music record 音乐录制:Bryan Pachaud
Studio 录音棚:Studio Marcadet
Voice-over 解说:GUM / Sharon
Post Production Director 后期制作总监:Renaud Coulon


Other Credits 其他人员

Featuring 演员:Dimitri Coste, Nastassja Van der Merwe, Mégane Erbani, Unur Gudjonsdottir, Theodor Marrow, Heidar Johann Ingvarsson, Audunn Por Soldberg, Hafpor Valsson, Pori Arnarsson, Orri Helgason, Erlingur Geirsson, Nadia Tereszkiewicz

Special thanks特别鸣谢:Laurence Moureau, Thomas Faucheur


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