Digital Domain China Presents Its 3InFocus | Digital Domain China作品三部曲

2016年年初,PO朝霆两大创始人杨文杰和谢霆锋把公司大部分股份出售给了香港上市公司数字王国集团有限公司(Digital Domain Holdings),中国最大规模的后期制作公司就此成立,更名为数字王国中国公司(Digital Domain China)。 In early 2016, Post Production Office (PO) founders Dennis Yeung and Nicholas Tse sold more than half of the company to Hong Kong-listed firm Digital Domain Holdings, creating one of the largest postproduction companies in … »

Masterminding The One Show China | One Show金铅笔大中华区主席马超:做一个公正纯粹的奖项

The One Club总部位于纽约,是一个旨在推广广告圈内创意与设计的非营利性组织。旗下的One Show国际广告节于1973年首次举办,并且在随后的发展中成为了全球范围内最有影响力的广告节之一。 The One Club is a New York-founded non-profit organisation that strives to promote creative excellence in advertising and design. In 1973 it launched its awards event, One Show, which has since grown to become one of … »

Fin Design + Effects Presents Its 3InFocus | Fin Design + Effects三部曲

 3InFocus Series by SHP+| 后期制作公司三部曲 中国市场广告片的视觉品质给人的印象越来越深刻,这在一定程度上要归功于制作流程中合作的加强和创意的提升。为了纪念这一积极的变化,SHP+将为大家呈现一系列文章,几家位于中国的后期制作公司带来了他们近期引以为傲的项目。 The visual quality of commercial work made for the China market is increasingly impressive, due in part to more collaborative and creative relationships in the production process.  To celebrate the positive evolution, SHP+ presents … »

Lessons From A Failed Startup | 创业失败,经验满满

“可能我是整个戛纳创意节这一周里唯一在谈论失败的人”,李倩玲说道。在戛纳创意节舞台上,她讲述了自己的第一次创业在一年半后陨落的原因。 李倩玲很快就把第一次失败带来的经验用到了第二次创业里,这一次她做的是帮助创业公司成长的战略孵化器。SHP+采访了这位创业企业高管,聆听她讲述了自己如何利用第一次创业的经验教训,来避免重蹈覆辙。 “I’m probably the only person the entire week at Cannes who is talking about failure”, says Bessie Lee, explaining on the Cannes Innovation stage why she closed her first independent business after just 18 months. SHP+ sat down … »

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