Music and Sound Series | 音乐之声系列: INTERFERENCE is in the air | INTERFERENCE正在直播:将探索和创造力带入「商业音乐」的世界

Built on the idea of bringing discovery and creativity to the commercial music world, Interference was created in 2009 by audio and music producer Stephane Werner and recording engineer/music producer Alex Firla. Stephane had previously founded Novaprod in 1996 with … »

Connecting Culturally in China | 在戛纳的“中国文化连接”座谈会

​We can’t help but notice that hardly a week can pass in which a Western brand doesn’t offend Chinese consumers. SHP+ has already reported on these issues on numerous occasions, most recently in the Cancel Culture piece. And interestingly enough, … »

Does China play it down at Cannes? | 中国在戛纳节的地位下降了?

The 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity opened this week and will run for five days celebrating “the value of creativity in branded communications”. Billed as an exchange between brands, creative agencies, professionals and opinion leaders, the festival aims to … »

Sensitivity in Chinese ads | 争议的广告在中国

Social media is undeniably a means for people to come together and express opinions. And the opinions expressed often evoke rage and heated discussions – particularly if you are a celebrity, influencer or a brand you can really be called … »

A new marketing formula | 奶粉市场新营销

The abolishment of the controversial one-child policy in China is an economic prospect for many child-oriented businesses, especially baby formula. 中国颇有争议的独生子政策的废除,对于许多针对婴幼儿产品的产业来说,尤其是婴幼儿奶粉,带来了经济前景。 The 2017 statistics show that 75% of Chinese mothers feed their babies  formula, many of them being forced to … »

Post-production stories: Chinese classics for modern day players | 后期制作故事:现代玩家的中国经典

For Vision Shanghai (formerly Seoulvision Shanghai), this year started with new beginnings: new name, new brand, and new goals. The company, which handles everything from Editing, Motion Graphic,VFX,CGI,Sound recording, aims to unite the best teams to provide the highest results. … »

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