THOMAS FAUCHEUR After launching 5 years ago and successfully developing in China the French music studio – Green United Music (G.U.M.), Thomas Faucheur has now taken on the new role of Managing Director of Fin Design + Effects for the … »

Fin Design + Effects 在中国商业大片《动物世界》中带给观众的视觉盛宴

Animal World  |《动物世界》 Fin Design + Effects brings its VFX expertise to genre-defying Chinese blockbuster, Animal World, which launched June 29th, 2018. Directed by Han Yan, the highly-anticipated film stars Hollywood legend Michael Douglas and Chinese megastar Li Yifeng. Fin将特效专长引入中国商业大片《动物世界》,影片现已于6月29日上映。由韩延导演,好莱坞传奇巨星迈克尔·道格拉斯和中国明星李易峰主演。 … »

Fin Design + Effects Presents Its 3InFocus | Fin Design + Effects三部曲

 3InFocus Series by SHP+| 后期制作公司三部曲 中国市场广告片的视觉品质给人的印象越来越深刻,这在一定程度上要归功于制作流程中合作的加强和创意的提升。为了纪念这一积极的变化,SHP+将为大家呈现一系列文章,几家位于中国的后期制作公司带来了他们近期引以为傲的项目。 The visual quality of commercial work made for the China market is increasingly impressive, due in part to more collaborative and creative relationships in the production process.  To celebrate the positive evolution, SHP+ presents … »

Thank You ! CICLOPE Shanghai Was A Success. | “独眼巨人”国际广告奖感谢上海——世界巡展上海夜成功落幕!

CICLOPE Shanghai last Thursday was a huge success, gathering over 150 of the most active players in the local market from creative agencies, production companies, post and music houses. Hosted by leading local production company Gwantsi, post production house Fin … »

The World’s Only Advertising Craft Festival Comes To Shanghai – CICLOPE Festival World Tour 2015 | “独眼巨人”国际广告奖世界巡展来上海啦!

CICLOPE Festival takes their world tour to The Waterhouse at South Bund on Thursday, 14th, May as part of an international tour that included Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Sydney, Auckland and will carry on to Tokyo. CICLOPE … »

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