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Fin Design + Effects Presents Its 3InFocus
Fin Design + Effects三部曲


 3InFocus Series by SHP+| 后期制作公司三部曲


The visual quality of commercial work made for the China market is increasingly impressive, due in part to more collaborative and creative relationships in the production process.  To celebrate the positive evolution, SHP+ presents 3InFocus a series in which China-based postproduction companies showcase three recent projects of which they are particularly proud.

Fin Design + Effects

SHP+访Fin Design + Effects联始人Emma Daines,她同身兼总经理和行制片的职务,我们还访了上海工作室行制片Billy Becket,探了今年他作品的灵感源泉。

SHP+ speaks to Fin Design + Effects co-founder, managing director and executive producer Emma Daines, and Shanghai executive producer Billy Becket about the jobs that have inspired them this year.

11903777_10152940504002330_5464439079352863890_nFin Design + Effects董事总经理兼执行制片人Emma Daines| Emma Daines, Managing Director & Executive Producer of Fin Design + Effects

同悉尼的蓝天碧海相比,上海可能相差甚远,但是一谈到在上海的业务,Emma Daines却非常乐观。一听到谁说‘在中国事可真不容易,我就有点不听。因我在经历西都很极,她说,在哪里,都会有挑。可能在中国解决问题的方法完全不同,但是其在哪儿都是一的挑。我在中国的经历。确有挑性,但不正是我想要的

Shanghai may be a far cry from the blue skies of Sydney, but when it comes to operating in China, Emma Daines’ outlook is relentlessly sunny.  “I get a little bit frustrated when I hear, ‘it’s really hard in China’.  I’ve only had positive experiences”, she says.  “There are challenges all around the world.  How you work it out in China might be entirely different, but it is still the same sorts of challenges. China has been a great experience. Certainly challenging, but isn’t that what it’s all about?”

mazda_saatchi-saatchi-beijing 马自达广告,北京盛世长城 | Mazda for Saatchi & Saatchi Beijing

2001年,Daines跟人一起合作成立了Fin Design + Effects,这在当时与主导着澳大利亚市场规模巨大“类似工厂”一样的特效公司很不一样。这是一家高端且充满创意的工作室,项目都是由制片人带头,提供更为个性化的服务,从构思到设计再到最终作品的呈现,Fin都跟客户的合作贯穿到每一个步骤中。

Daines co-founded Fin Design + Effects in 2001 to offer an alternative to the large, “factory-like” visual effects companies dominating the Australian market at the time.  A high–end, creative and producer led boutique shop providing a more personal service, Fin strives to collaborate with clients from the ideation and design stages through to the final product.


The company enjoyed prosperous early years, carving a niche in Australia and working with clients in the US and Europe.  When the global financial crisis hit however, it became clear that a new source of work would be needed.

Challenger养老金,303 Lowe | Challenger Annuities, 303 Lowe

中国广告市场规模庞大,欣欣向荣,这块市场也一直是她垂涎的地方,一些老客户也敦促她考虑在上海成立工作室。如果真的要在这里开展业务,那么保持Fin的品牌尤为重要 – 专注的制作流程,与人合作的做事方法,紧密合作的服务都包括在内。Daines说,大家不希望从外面找人。要想在中国成立工作室的,那就一定得是Fin自己的人。

China’s vast, burgeoning advertising market had been in Daines’ thoughts for some time and existing clients urged her to consider setting up in Shanghai.  If that was to happen, preserving the Fin identity – the dedicated pipeline, the collaborative approach and the intimate service – was critical.  “They didn’t want me to put in non-Fin people.  If they wanted Fin, they had to get Fin,” says Daines.

2014年,Fin上海工作室成立了,它就坐落在常熟路上一个弄堂里的大房子里。Billy Becket在悉尼总部做了八年,他被任命为上海工作室的执行制片。

Fin opened its Shanghai studio in September 2014, nestled in a large lane house off Changshu Road.  Billy Becket was appointed as executive producer following eight years with the company in Sydney.

wechatimg1上海Fin Design + Effects董事总经理兼执行制片人Billy Becket | Billy Becket, Managing Director & Executive Producer of Fin Design + Effects Shanghai


Daines makes no distinction between the Shanghai and the Sydney teams, emphasising that Fin is, “one company spread over two cities.  Whatever team we have in Sydney, it’s a team that China can tap into.”  The two studios work almost simultaneously, off the same server, separated by just a three-hour time difference.  “It feels like Sydney could be just down the road,” says Becket, “Technically everything works perfectly. There are no issues with us working on projects collaboratively,” 

joyville_saatchisaatchi吉百利广告,盛世长城 | Joyville, for Saatchi & Saatchi


Fin’s core currently comprises 15 people in Shanghai and 25 in Sydney.  When projects call for it, the team is able to expand by a further 10 to 20 artists from a freelance pool around the world.  Daines considers one of Fin’s greatest achievements to be maintaining a solid core: four of the original five founders are still with the company, all of whom remain deeply involved in global operations.


Fin Design + Effects上海办公室 | Fin Design + Effects’ Shanghai Office

1. 阿迪达斯 | Adidas


In China, Daines feels Fin has encountered a market eager to embrace the possibilities in improved creative and technology. She highlights a project for Adidas with McCann Shanghai as a perfect example.



“This was a great combination of design, CG, intricate compositing and grading.”

Daines: The job evolved as it progressed, in creative and in visual effects. A couple of times we stumbled on ideas that were perhaps too ambitious for the budget and schedule, but it was rewarding that we were working with a team that could sit around the boardroom table on a few occasions to workshop ideas, techniques and tackle the hurdles efficiently. We [client, agency, production company, post house] were all in it together.  If you get that group dynamic, it makes a really good equation. No real rules, let’s have a bit of fun.  I’d put it on my reel anytime.


  • 客户:阿迪达斯
  • 广告公司:TBWA上海
  • 制作公司:Radical Media上海
  • 导演:Dave Meyers
  • 后期制作:Fin Design + Effects


  • Client: Adidas
  • Agency: TBWA Shanghai
  • Production Company: Radical Media Shanghai
  • Director: Dave Meyers
  • Post Production: Fin Design + Effects

2.杜蕾斯 | Durex


Similarly, a job for Durex saw Fin involved from the earliest stage.




 “A great example of respectful collaboration working at its best.”

Daines: The brief was to bring a playful sophistication, maintaining elegance without reverting to anything tasteless or tacky.  We were involved on calls from the very beginning.  [The agency] really wanted our take on it because of our experience in developing character animation. We got into very, dare I say, intimate conversations.

The animation and the look was the biggest thing. We met the brief through the design of the characters, the elegant and sophisticated look of the shaders of the characters and the playfulness of the animation.  At all times throughout the process, signing off at each stage, the communication was fluent, supportive, and seamless.


  • 客户:杜蕾斯
  • 广告公司:汉威士北京
  • 制作公司:Blue Moon Films
  • 导演:Arghaël
  • 后期制作:Fin Design + Effects


  • Client: Durex
  • Agency: Havas Beijing
  • Production Company: Blue Moon Films
  • Director: Arghaël
  • Post Production: Fin Design + Effects

3.饿了么 | Eleme


The TVC for food delivery service Eleme was an opportunity for Fin to showcase a range of their capabilities, aided by the trusting support of the client.


Daines:科比其实是在美国拍的,而王祖蓝是在中国拍的。但是我们必须要让他们看起来是在同一个地方,而且要让体育馆里看起来人很多,像真实的画面一样。真正的挑战是制作周期 – 现在很多情况都这样。所以我们就要看看怎么样优化我们的流程,怎么优化时间管理,最行之有效。关键就是找到合适的人才,按照流程完成。有时候客户往往忽略了在项目开始阶段就要考虑到这些流程,相信我们可以把工作做好。关键来讲,我们要打好基础。当然,如果我们跟导演、制作公司还有广告公司已经打过交道的话,就会比较容易,这样就可以实现无缝对接。

“We have done many, many successful stadium photo-real projects.  As a result, we were given complete trust to execute and manage the project without too much intervention.”

Daines: [Kobe] was shot in the US and [Zulan] in China.  We had to make it look like they were both in the same place, then fill a stadium with people and make it look photoreal. The challenge was the schedule – schedules are pretty much always the struggle these days.  That leads us to look at the processes and optimise our efficiency on how we time-manage. It’s about getting the right talent and following a streamlined process. This involves the client sometimes not seeing progress for the earlier part of the project, trusting us that the work is getting done.  In essence, we are laying the foundations on which to build.  It certainly helped that we had already developed a relationship with the director, and that the production house and agency were on the same page, which helped develop the project to its seamless standard.


  • 客户:饿了么
  • 广告公司:McCann上海
  • 制作公司:MT Media
  • 导演:Mark Toia
  • 后期制作:Fin Design + Effects


  • Client: Eleme
  • Agency: McCann Shanghai
  • Production Company: MT Media
  • Director: Mark Toia
  • Post Production: Fin Design + Effects

未来 | The Future 

除了广告项目,Fin在美国、澳大利亚和中国已经开始参与一些电影项目,也在探索虚拟现实和增强现实这块“肥肉”,还在悉尼工作室成立了新部门,叫做“Fin Immersive”。对于未来,Daines非常兴奋,们总是想不断成,不是公司模上,新机会上。我不会停下前行的脚步,一定要这样。关就是要保持大、精良、体于分享的公司核心价

Alongside the commercial work, Fin have started work on film projects in the US, Australia and China and are exploring the “massive” opportunities in virtual and augmented reality with a new department, Fin Immersive, based out of their Sydney office.  Daines is excited about the future, “We’re always looking to grow, whether that’s in size or in embracing innovative opportunities.  I will never stop growing, because you have to.  The trick is to keep that strong, boutique, caring, sharing company core.”

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