Weekly AD |「真我至上」Budweiser x Anomaly x STARTFilms

Budweiser 百威 x Anomaly x STARTFilms CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | Budweiser Agency 代理商 | Anomaly Executive Producer 监制 | Kingsley Director 导演 | Roni EP Group 监制组 Assistant Executive Producer 执行监制 | Clementine Director Crew 导演组 Shooting Board 脚本分镜 … »

China’s wins at AdFest 2019 reflect ad industry in China | 喜获AdFest2019大奖后的中国广告业洞察

AdFest 2019 was another great success, but for the Chinese industry it really hits home that China’s involvement in awards shows is still much lower than would be expected considering the size of the market. AdFest 2019对中国来讲是一个巨大的成功。但是考虑到中国广告业的市场规模,中国在该奖项中的参与度却远远低于先前预期。 We noticed that … »

Weekly AD |「我是女子司机」腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong

  腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong x 肖田Jacky CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:腾讯地图 Agency | 代理商:天与空 TianYuKong Director | 导演:肖田 Jacky Producer | 制片:小麦 DOP | 摄影:张磊 Gaffer | 灯光师: 张亮亮 Editor | 剪辑师:王润泽 TC | 调色:张英杰 Sound Engineer | 录音师:闫小鹏  

Weekly AD |「Further Than Ever」NIKE x W+K Shanghai x MPC

  NIKE x W+K Shanghai x MPC CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:NIKE W + K Shanghai Executive Creative Directors | 执行创意总监: Ian Toombs, Vivian Yong Creative Directors | 创意总监: Matt Skibiak, Dong Hao Senior Copywriter | 资深撰稿人: Matt Meszaros Art … »

Weekly AD |「管我怎么跑」PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms

  PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:PUMA Agency | 代理商:Play x Pause(上海) Production | 制片公司:STARTFilms Executive Producer | 监制:Scarlett Producer | 制片:沈璘祺 Director | 导演:Jayga Rayn Director of photography | 摄影指导:Richie kendall Gaffer | 灯光师:JOE Post Producer … »

Where is China? | 中国为什么会缺席?

In the newest ranking of the most awarded campaigns per business sector by AdForum Business Creative Report, China Mainland is again completely missing. | AdForum Business Creative Report的最新获奖广告排名中,中国大陆依然没有踪影 … »

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