The fashion warriors announce a new era of Chinese style

As part of an international promotion for the ChinaCool initiative, Tmall commissioned a video that we can’t stop watching on repeat. SHP+ met with the director Julien Ayrault to take a deeper dive into it. 作为ChinaCool项目中海外宣传的一部分,这是一支我们看了又看的视频。SHP+邀请这支视频的导演Julien Ayrault,带我们更深入地了解这支视频。 “Don’t tell us … »

Weekly AD |「听,爸妈说」Wechat 微信 x 180Digital Inc

  Wechat 微信 x 180Digital Inc CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:Wechat 微信 Executive Producer 监制:寅剑剑,施金福 Production 制片方:180Digital Inc Director 导演:顾释介 DOP 摄影师:杨子 Producer 制片人:高杰 Art 美术:韩庭 Gaffer 灯光师:阿彪 online offline:许磊 TC:许维达

“Truth or dare” : what’s on mind of every Chinese man 中国男人的真心话大冒险

For its 80 year anniversary promotion in China, Phillips released a very localized video, already dubbed as one that “speaks to every man in China”. ⻜利浦电动剃须刀在这支80周年视频里,非常接地气地“跟每一个中国男⼈谈谈⼼” 。 Zhang Dapeng, the director behind last year’s viral commercial “What is Peppa?”, released … »

The longest runway show in the history | 嗯,这可以说是史上最⻓的T台秀了

Through deserts, mountains with white snowcaps, legendary Scandinavian woods and even going underwater—Jack&Jones is on a mission to bring Nordic fashion to China at any cost. 穿越沙漠,翻过白雪覆盖的⼭顶,⾏走过著名的斯堪的纳维亚森林,甚⾄下到海洋——丹麦男装品牌杰克琼斯这次的使命是「将北欧时尚不惜代价地带到中国」。 The new hilarious promo video, “8000 km Runway” that was released earlier this … »

Weekly AD |「开学家长联盟」有道词典笔2.0 x  大开影界&GuruLab

  有道词典笔2.0 x  大开影界&GuruLab CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:有道词典笔2.0 Productor 监制:郭靓 陈俊泰 Production 制片方:大开影界&GuruLab Director 导演:赵伯祚 DOP 摄影师:邵大仓、周承栋 Productor 制片:杨锐 Art 美术:阿尖 小白 Gaffer 灯光师:周斌 Sound Designer 声音设计:高宇 Recording Studio 录音棚:声影工坊工作室

糖室Sweetshop为沙宣和Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai制作题材前卫的短片

SHANGHAI Entitled ‘Do As You’re Told’ Sweetshop Shanghai is behind an edgy new film for Vidal Sassoon and Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai that celebrates young Chinese trend setters and shows a path to self-expression. 以「使命必达」著称的上海糖室广告为此次沙宣和Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai制作一部新颖短片,歌颂中国年轻人引领潮流及自我展现的路程。 Shot in 2 days at 11 … »

Happy Mooncake Festival !| 月饼节快乐

Mooncake creativity from the China based agencies  TOPic   之外创意   KARMA   BangX   CubeRights 对立方   注艺文化   无二    你说的都对   北京简创意空间   英扬传奇    

Weekly AD |「昨日经典 今日潮流」上好佳 x The Right Kind x Noir Creation

  上好佳 x The Right Kind x Noir Creation CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:上好佳 Agency 代理:The Right Kind Production 制作公司:Noir Creation Post-Production 后期制作公司:LivePLus Director 导演:Howie Lam EP 监制:Black DOP 摄影师:费艳秋 Gaffer 灯光师:金升扬 Offline & Online: Colorist 调色:金亨 Mixing 混音:造音工场  

Weekly AD |「混造OZ世代」Adidas Orginals x Hypebeast x GTONE Films

Adidas Orginals x Hypebeast x GTONE Films CREDITS 制片团队 Client 广告商: Adidas Orginals Agency 代理公司: Hypebeast Creative Director 创意: Crystal Choi Production Company 后期制作公司: GTONE Films Executive Producer 监制: Allen Zhou Director 导演:Crystal Choi DOP 摄影师: Dustin Dong Editor 剪辑师: Mo Lyu … »

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