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Tmall Double 11 returns to emotional storytelling


E-commerce platform Tmall, the birthplace of the world’s biggest shopping festival, prepares hard for the D day once again. Since 2009, released commercials have been taking every angle possible to break the sales records every year. Last year, total Double 11’s sales amounted as high as 498.2 billion RMB.


This year, as usual SHP+ watched for you all the commercials. Already on October 20th, we had a cute animated reminder about the start of the shopping spree. From there on, among others we’ve noticed a series of short stories, turning Double 11 into any holiday you want— Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Father’s Day…. and a trendy-looking spot that appeals to Gen-Z audience. To drive the message home Tmall, of course, relies on longer formats and so far we have seen two: a commercial on this year’s theme “美好生活,共同向往” (Let’s Go to Happiness) and a mini-film 《王小乐不乐》 (Wang Xiaole is Not Happy). Interestingly enough, these both major Double 11 promotion spots were produced by Keypoint production house, and shot by a prominent local Chinese director Zou Fei.

See Tmall start of Double 11 animation here 

Tmall “过节了,过节了” commercial

“不完美但有点新东西” commercial


Titled 《我们普通的一天》(Our Ordinary Day ) , the nearly 3 minutes spot is tightly packed with action and populated with different characters. With brand ambassador Jackson Yee in the opening and closing scenes, the commercial jumps through 9 other locations from megapolises like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Guangzhou, to locations off the first-tier cities track like Zhoushan, Xinjiang, and Cao County, showing brief scenes from lives of factory workers, fishermen, fashion designers and more.

Production House 制作公司: Keypoint 上海聚点广告有限公司,  Director/Script 导演/编剧: Zoufei 邹飞


《王小乐不乐》(Wang Xiaole is Not Happy ) takes a different tone, a more nostalgic look and feel to tell the story of a little boy, who suddenly stops smiling. Through cinematic twists and turns, the audience gets to the surprising, and touching end. The spot, that looks like a straightforward commercial only 30 seconds out of total 4,30 minutes manages to organically connect its emotional story to the shopping bonanza that is Double 11.


Agency广告代理商: Ogilvy, Production House 制作公司: Keypoint 海聚点广告有限公司,  

Director/Script 导演/编剧Zoufei 邹飞

This year, of course, is not the first time Tmall uses emotional storytelling in commercial films to bring more meaning to the shopping festival beyond the “buy, buy, buy” message. Last year, perhaps due to the pandemic, Tmall didn’t allocate resources to lengthier, story-based commercials, as all the films seemed more down-to-earth, directly pointing to instant benefits of Tmall’s promotions. Nevertheless, Tmall’s platform has long established strategic combination of promotional videos (including commercials that showcase changing every year main theme) and story-based mini-films (that often don’t appear as straightforward advertising, like this year’s “Wang Xiaole is Not Happy”).


So, It’s great to see this year Tmall, the platform that started this now global shopping craze,  returning to longer stories. They might not link bluntly to the festival, but help the brand deliver the message like no other.


If you want to be reminded of some emotional stories from previous years. Here are some of them:


2018 commercial film “A Dream of Decade”, based on true story. 

2019 mini-film 《第11代许愿望》

2019 mini-film 《一一的魔法》(Yiyi Magic)



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