​Weekly AD|「Be Your Own Champion」Touching Studio x Gerhan

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client:Champion Creative/Production: Touching Studio Director: Gerhan Executive Producer: Roy Ling AD: MIHAKOO Line Producer: Yang Tao Production Coordinator: Feng Feng / Panda D.O.P.: Binbin Styling: ReSet Styling Studio Post Director / Editor: Roy Ling SFX supervisor: Gary Guan Colorist: 阿瓜@MPC / MZ Studio  

​Weekly AD|「凝結漂泊的雲&显影無形的風」Leica CL x 林嘉澍flypig

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:Leica CL Producer 制片:熊小默 Director 导演:林嘉澍flypig DOP 摄影师:里奥凡 Actors 演员:黄觉 文琪 Music & Sound Design 音乐设计:Hank Lee Sound Supervisor:Jade Huang Dialogue Clean-Up:项星瑜 Camera Crew 摄像组: 王之連 袁岱川 袁媛  

Opting out of Double 11|向双十一的狂欢,说“不”

It’s hard to imagine a shopping festival of Double Eleven proportions anywhere else but China. And it’s even more impossible to imagine it now in our pandemic-stricken world. But again, only in China can this be a reality. And with … »

Weekly AD|「猎我所见」完美日记 x zestudio x DAVE MEYERS

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:完美日记 Production House 制作公司:zestudio Producer 制片:王冕 Director 导演:DAVE MEYERS、涂松泽 DoP 摄影:肖溥沦 Editor 剪辑:HARVEY LEE Colorist 调色:李阳 Music 音乐: Jeffrey Z  

The odder, the better: Gen-Z beauty ads|越奇特越好:Z世代的美妆广告

Chando’s active campaign targeting young consumers continues in full force. In a recent commercial, Shanghai-based production house Achill brought to life Ogilvy’s vision of “fantasy office”… and the result is pleasantly odd. Running almost 4 minutes, the spot follows a story of the new … »

​Weekly AD |「我的回应 我们的回响」BMW 宝马 x JUICE x MOD

CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:BMW 宝马 Agency 代理:JUICE Production House 制作公司:MOD 上海茂田文化传媒有限公司 Executive Producer 监制:周铉 周毅 Producer 制片:刘粤赟 Director 导演:刘亚当 DoP 摄影指导: 吕清 Editor 剪辑:宋暘 Sound Designer 声音设计: 邵航(两万里工作室) Colorist 调色:光耀 YAO Online:DD数字王国  

Nike’s first e-sport ad|耐克的首个电竞广告

If you still can’t help but smirk at the idea that professional gamers are considered athletes, maybe the newest Nike advert will change your mind. Loaded with visual effects, the 90 seconds commercial film calls attention to esports and a … »

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