Weekly AD |「人生没有过不去的结」飘柔 x 广州蓝标 x 星橙量子

飘柔 x 广州蓝标 x 星橙量子 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: 飘 柔 Agency 代理商&创意:广州蓝标 Production 制作公司:星橙量子 Executive producers 监制: Arfa Director 导演:Adam 刘亚当 Producer 制片:Jenny 黄逸秋 DOP 摄影师:陈想 Gaffer 灯光:王旗 Art 美术:刘小盐 Editor 剪辑:Adam 张敬响 Colorist 调色:朱一鸣  


The new commercial film for Libresse “400 refreshing chapters” challenges the stigma surrounding menstruation. Here’s why it’s ever more relevant in China. Libresse视频广告《400次焕新篇章》挑战经期窘境,在中国,这件事更重要。   The slogan in the recent THINX ad hit “MENstruation” says: “If we all had them, maybe … »


THOMAS FAUCHEUR After launching 5 years ago and successfully developing in China the French music studio – Green United Music (G.U.M.), Thomas Faucheur has now taken on the new role of Managing Director of Fin Design + Effects for the … »

Weekly AD |「囊中之物」大都市Numéro x Craft Creations

大都市Numéro x Craft Creations CREDITS 制片团队 Clients 客户:大都市Numéro Production House 制作公司:Craft Creations Creative Director 创意总监: Karchun Leung Director 导演:Hanqi Li Executive Producer & Stylist 执行制片:Riri Chu Colorist 调色:Cindy Music 音乐:Hank Lee Editor 剪辑:Man  

Did W+K get carried away with new ad?|惠普新广告略走偏

In an attempt to show benefits of playing video games, HP commissioned a campaign with video for the computer maker Omen. Does the film give the right impression? 惠普Omen游戏笔记本视频广告展示网络游戏好处。是否收到了良好曝光? Until recently, China held the title of the world’s largest gaming market. … »

​Cadillac keeps its COOL in China|凯迪拉克在中国的“冷眼”态度

Cadillac just released an ad that relinquishes the “everything posh, fancy and dramatic” vibe typical for luxury car promotions. Here’s why it polarised the Chinese internet. 凯迪拉克刚刚发布了一支广告,放弃了豪华车推广中常见的“一切都那么时尚、精致、激情澎湃”的感受,而是采用了一种截然相反的腔调。 What’s the first image that comes to mind, when you hear the name … »

Weekly AD |「魔性70年人人健康 」华润三九 x 舞刀弄影

  华润三九 x 舞刀弄影 厦门 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:华润三九 Agency 代理商:舞刀弄影 厦门 Production House 制作公司:舞刀弄影 厦门 Executive Producer 监制: 梁锟 Director 导演: 本李 Director of Photography 摄影师: 彭立武 Art Director 美术指导:杰克影视美术工作室  

Weekly AD |「百雀羚 x 敦煌博物馆 」ARCLAN X MEZZO FILMS

  百雀羚 x ARCLAN X MEZZO FILMS CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:百雀羚 Agency 代理商:ARCLAN Production House 制作公司:MEZZO FILMS Executive Producer 监制: Demen Wu Director 导演: Sing Sing Assistant Director:Kai 依敬凯 Director of Photography 摄影指导: 小P Line Producer 执行制片: 一丁 Art Director … »

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