Father’s Day Combo 父亲节的广告故事

Beclouded by Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was never a big deal in China. However, the holiday has picked up in recent years, and advertising agencies are seizing the occasion to create elaborate film scripts. 前有春节的喜气未散,后有母亲节的温情萦绕,在中国,父亲节似乎从未引起过太多的关注。然而,近年来庆祝父亲节的人越来越多,广告公司们瞅准了机会,开始围绕父亲节这一主题,精心地做起了文章。 These … »

Vision Family Expanding|Vision大家庭的扩展

With the first half of pandemic-dominated 2020 behind us, many companies are having to adapt to long-distance working modes, as well as finding new ways to communicate with clients and in many cases, have been forced to shrink their businesses. … »

Weekly AD |「OPPO Reno4」OPPO x So What Media

OPPO x So What Media xJ ulien Ayrault CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:OPPO Reno4 Production 制作公司:So What Media Executive Producer 监制:Anthony Yao Director 导演:Julien Ayrault 1st AD 第一副导演:Jo Chan Cinematographer 摄影师:梁子 1st AC 第一摄助:柳怀志 Gaffer 灯光师:薛志强 Art Director 艺术指导:Yeti Art Studio Stylist … »

Weekly AD |「重连」天猫国际 x CubeRights对立方

天猫国际 x CubeRights对立方 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:天猫国际 Agency 代理商:CubeRights对立方 Production 制作商:CubeRights对立方 Producer 监制:俞大妈 Director 导演:小甜腥 Cinematographer 摄影:大米 Art 美术:党仁杰 Animation 动画:肥肠&甘蔗 Sound 声音设计:段炼 郑昶旭 Editor 剪辑:郑昶旭 Colorist 调色:YoKat ONLINE:Ch1nG  

Weekly AD |「重返618号」京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂

京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂  BlueFocus Digital Marketing Agency 蓝色光标数字营销机构 x mera 美啦美啦 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂 Agency 代理商:BlueFocus Digital Marketing Agency 蓝色光标数字营销机构 Production 制作商:mera 美啦美啦 Producer 监制:邵京平、王华强 Director 导演:马力、曲强 Art 美术:黄晨、袁峻、孙超平、崔宇翔、卢玉、关兆轩、曾雨冉 AE:吴迪 Editor 剪辑:顾雪斐 3D:北京天工异彩 Visual effect & … »

Weekly AD |「超越时空的赞歌」强生J&J x MTOMORROW

强生J&J x MTOMORROW CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:强生 Johnson & Johnson Agency 代理商:MTOMORROW 蒙彤传播 Production 制作商:MTOMORROW 蒙彤传播 Producer 监制:Andy陈 Director 导演:阿神、Andy陈 Senior Art 美术指导: Jeremy Lee OFFLINE:盧润科 ONLINE:乔JoJo 吴若兢 TC:张可新 Mix 混音:仇少扬  

Final Frontier’s League of Legends Epic for OPPO|FF终极先锋再现英雄史诗

Director’s Cut 导演剪辑版 Final Frontier produced a powerful League of Legends game-themed commercial to promote OPPO’s new Reno Ace 2 phone. Final Frontier终极先锋为OPPO的新手机Reno Ace 2制作了一个以《英雄联盟》为主题的宣传广告。 Directed by Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, the spot was designed and animated by German CG powerhouse, Sehsucht.   … »

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