Weekly AD|「H&M 不一样」Forsman & Bodenfors 事话 x Central Studios 奂镜

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 品牌方: H&M Agency 广告代理: Forsman & Bodenfors 事话 Production Company 制作公司: 奂镜 Central Studios Director / DOP 导演: Julien Ayrault Executive Producer 监制: Rodney Evans @CS Director Producer 导演组制片:王珺宜 NiNi Wang 1st AD: 陈鈺麟 Jo Chen Production Designer 美术指导: 明远 Ming Yuan Props Master 道具师: 李强 Li Qiang 1st AC: 严刚 Terry Yan Movi: 卫斌 Wei Bin … »

MediaMonks’ TOMORROW|MediaMonks与TOMORROW正式联手

When we spoke to Dutch Rogier Bikker a little over two months ago, neither of us had any idea of the news that broke last week. TOMORROW, his agency, has merged with Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital’s international MediaMonks China office. From CEO of the … »

KARMA Keep’s Lazy God|KARMA为Keep打造 “懒神”

Laziness God 懒神之战 After ad campaigns pushing slogans like “Self-discipline gives me freedom”, and “If you fear it, you’re on the right track”, the sport app Keep did something completely unexpected. Their campaign features a lazy God, a male fairy wearing a … »

​Weekly AD|「新年新愿 不牛不成」HYPEMAKER Shanghai x YouWoProduction

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: Adidas China Creative Agency 创意代理商: HYPEMAKER Shanghai Creative Director 创意总监: Choi, Zebra Hua Production House 制作公司: 由我智作 YouWoProduction Executive Producer 监制: 张海文 Director 导演: 刘亚当 Art Director 美术指导:绘马视觉 Editor 剪辑:宋暘 Colorist 调色:YAO COLORGRADING Mix 混音:邵航  

​Weekly AD|「环球夜拍之旅」意类GOODZILLA x Achill明晰制作 x 丁丁

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:vivo Agency 代理:意类GOODZILLA Production 制作公司:Achill明晰制作 Executive Producer 监制:Mika Producer 制片:毛毛 Director 导演:丁丁 DP 摄影:刘陆录 Colorist&Online:HUE post production Art 美术:聂浩森 Editor 剪辑:陈一一 Music 作曲:ATYANG杨挺乔  

Jay Chou directs an ad?|周董变身周导?

The freshly released commercial film for the mobile version of the game “Call of Duty” is a three-minute blockbuster. In it, the king of Chinese pop, actor, and overall audience favorite Jay Chou jumps off a building, runs around the battlefield, and … »

Weekly AD|「土方儿」Baidu Health 百度健康 x MSE动观

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:Baidu Health 百度健康 Production 制作公司:MSE动观 EP 监制:曾健 Producer 制片:刘晨旭  陶烨 Director 导演:刘家豪 DOP 摄影师:刘德辉 Art Director 美术指导:小雨 Editor 剪辑:晓莉工作室 Colorist 调色:王明辉 Mix 混音:Smile Stiduo  

Meet Creative People | 遇见创意人士 Ronald Tau

Craft and creativity continues to grow in China, none of which would be possible without the inspired and daring minds behind the ideas and production. We are asking the creative community in China five fun questions to learn a little … »

​Weekly AD|「为热爱而闲不住」闲鱼 x Tianyukong 天与空 x HiCoolfilms

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:闲鱼 Agency 代理:Tianyukong 天与空 Production 制作公司:HiCoolfilms EP 监制:Jonathan Zhang Producer 制片:Allen Liu Director 导演:Kevin Lee DP 摄影师:赵旭辉 Art Director 美术指导: Editor 剪辑:小席 TC:许维达(8G studio) Online:海英 Mix: Jeff Fantasy Music Studio(非凡音乐)  

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