​Weekly AD |「后浪家长上场酵量」立白 x P.A.I FILM

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: 立白 Agency 代理:广州大优广告 Production 制作方:P.A.I FILM Executive Producer 监制:Jenny Kaffi Director 导演: 黄梓航 DOP 摄影指导:阿尔法 Art Director 艺术指导:丁宁 Offline 剪辑:李峥 Colorist 调色:墨鱼 Sound 声音设计:金川  

When the Hand is the Hero … |当手变“英雄”

LOL 出手即英雄 When the best of the best in esports comes to Shanghai for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, it calls for a promo spot that matches the magnitude and awe of the event. LOL 出手即英雄, Director Roni Shao‘s … »

​Weekly AD |「影像情书」Honor 荣耀 x CIG x Woofly Production House

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Honor 荣耀 Creative 创意:CIG Production 制作方:Woofly Production House Executive Producer 监制:张瑞 Director 导演: 周宁 DOP 摄影指导:席冰 Art Director 艺术指导:陶陶 Offline 剪辑:黄超 Colorist 调色:光耀 Sound 声音设计:亦复如是  

Hot Pink with Attitude|亮粉色的态度

To a foreigner, unknowing of the intricacies of the Chinese language, the recent Tencent campaign might be a bit of conundrum. Why a pink scotch tape seems to be the remedy for everything, from scaring away an annoying salesperson to … »

Local Director Richard Hughes’ “Imagine” Siemens Brand Film|本土导演理查德.休斯的”畅想”西门子品牌影片

Client Siemens’ brief for this project was a 2 to 3 minute brand film introducing their new smart home system in an approachable, engaging way. 西门子这个项目的brief是一部2到3分钟的品牌影片,以平易近人、引人入胜的方式介绍他们的新智能家居系统。 With a background in KV and stills shooting, production house Ukon has developed strong relationships … »

​「就犟」Dicos 德克士 x 范思广告 x All in film

Dicos 德克士 x 范思广告 x All in film CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Dicos 德克士 Agency 代理方:范思广告 Production 制片公司:All in film Executive Producer 监制 : 雨田 蒋元昊 Producers 制片: 7m 喋喋 Director 导演: 张万林 DP 摄影师:Fen Editor 剪辑师:坐好 Art:静静 Colorist 调色:Node-3 Color Studio TC:陈峥 Off … »

「Dare To Dream」HongQi 红旗 x Bates Beijing x CM Productions

HongQi 红旗 x Bates Beijing x CM Productions Director’s Cut 导演剪辑版  CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: HongQi 红旗 Agency 代理方: Bates Beijing Production 制片公司: CM Productions Executive Producer 监制 : Zhou Kang Producers 制片: Bee Zhang & Leslie Wang Director 导演: … »

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