STARTFilms & GOODZILLA live freely …

While the shooting regulations in China haven’t allowed the industry to come back to «business as usual» just yet, this month the commercial film scene has surely livened up. Finally, new films have started to appear, even though the recent … »

Weekly AD |「轻肤行动」Tmall天猫 x WOULDY UNION 会一联合

Tmall天猫 x 品康传媒 x WOULDY UNION 会一联合 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:Tmall天猫 Agency 代理商:品康传媒 Production Company 制片公司:WOULDY UNION 会一联合 Director 导演:Grins Guo Producer 监制:Kelly Liu DOP 摄影师: 郑阳 Post Supervisor 后期主管: Singo Sin Mixer 混音师:卢荫桢 Editor 剪辑:陈天艺  

Weekly AD |「Jordan Unite x 钟楚曦」AKQA x OVERNIGHT

Jordan Great China Digital x AKQA x OVERNIGHT CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:Jordan Great China Digita Agency 代理商:AKQA Production Company 制片公司:OVERNIGHT Director 导演:Malik Doll (about Malik Doll) DOP 摄影师:Jonathan Tracy Creative Director 创意总监:陈泽秋、袁识丰 Executive Producer 监制:Xiu Post Producer 后期制片:Heather Harlow Editor 剪辑师:梁旖红 TC … »

Weekly AD |「爆运Dicos」德克士 x 意类 GOODZILLA x START Films 启李广告

德克士 x 意类 GOODZILLA x START Films 启李广告 CREDITS 制片团队 Client客户:德克士 Agency 代理商:意类 GOODZILLA Production Company 制片公司:START Films 启李广告 Director 导演:廖人帅 Creative Director 创意总监:江畔、许稼逸 Executive Producer 监制:AJ文俊、Lemon Lei Post Producer 后期制片:赵静 Editor 剪辑师:News Online 精剪:一拍即合 TC 调色:梦芷影像 Mixer 成片混音:Smile Studio  

Notice to Advertising Industry|中国广告业须知

We are sure every production, agency and client have recieved this note and it also went around all the crew members and talents. We are hearing now that shoots and productions even abroad have been cancelled or postponed. This situation … »

Weekly AD |「2020开心下去」北京乐元素 x woofly 融合舞飞

北京乐元素 x woofly 融合舞飞 x 李季 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: 北京乐元素 Production 制作方: woofly 融合舞飞 Executive Producer 监制: 张瑞 Producer 制片人:张云鹏 Laura 罗猛 傅强 Director 导演: Li Ji 李季 DOP 摄影师: 葛荣韵 Art Diretor 美术指导: 王乾 Sound Engineer 音响师:陈晨  

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