​Weekly AD |「我的回应 我们的回响」BMW 宝马 x JUICE x MOD

CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:BMW 宝马 Agency 代理:JUICE Production House 制作公司:MOD 上海茂田文化传媒有限公司 Executive Producer 监制:周铉 周毅 Producer 制片:刘粤赟 Director 导演:刘亚当 DoP 摄影指导: 吕清 Editor 剪辑:宋暘 Sound Designer 声音设计: 邵航(两万里工作室) Colorist 调色:光耀 YAO Online:DD数字王国  

Nike’s first e-sport ad|耐克的首个电竞广告

If you still can’t help but smirk at the idea that professional gamers are considered athletes, maybe the newest Nike advert will change your mind. Loaded with visual effects, the 90 seconds commercial film calls attention to esports and a … »

​Weekly AD |「火锅特辣」安慕希 x Leo Burnett Beijing x Kuiyou

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:  伊利安慕希 Agency 代理:Leo Burnett Beijing 北京李奥贝纳 Production 制作方:Kuiyou 上海葵友 Executive Producer 监制:杨斌 曹旭珺 张叶 Producer 制片:宋伟 Director 导演: Lin DOP 摄影指导:刘超 Colorist 调色:张英杰 Offline 剪辑:Martin Leroy Mix 混⾳:Mix studio Offline 剪辑:Digital Office Post  

MAIA: I’m not beautiful… |MAIA:我不是漂亮

MAIA ACTIVE joins the chime of diverse beauty, that’s been on the rise in Chinese adland, with a new commercial film. 拥抱多元美,是最近中国广告界的新趋势,MAIA ACTIVE近日也凭着一支新广告加入了这一行列。 A little over a minute, the ad features 7 women, who openly say “I’m not beautiful”, expressing that … »

​Weekly AD |「Bottles」宜家IKEA x W+K x The Loft Films

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: 宜家IKEA Agency 代理:W+K Production 制作方:The Loft Films Director 导演: Terri Timely DOP 摄影指导:Donovan Sell / Ice Bing PH :The Loft Films / ADULT Line Producer 执行制片人:Lynn Wong Offline 剪辑:Martin Leroy VFX / Online / Colour – … »

​Weekly AD |「58分」学而思网校 x 天与空 x Kuiyou

CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: 学而思网校 Agency 代理:天与空 Tianyukong Production 制作方:上海葵友广告 Kuiyou Executive Producer 监制:张叶 Director 导演: 廖义源 DOP 摄影指导:王维华 Art 美术:杨威 Offline 剪辑:李成兵 Colorist 调色:8G Studio Mix 混音:造音工场 

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