Weekly AD |「我是女子司机」腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong

  腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong x 肖田Jacky CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:腾讯地图 Agency | 代理商:天与空 TianYuKong Director | 导演:肖田 Jacky Producer | 制片:小麦 DOP | 摄影:张磊 Gaffer | 灯光师: 张亮亮 Editor | 剪辑师:王润泽 TC | 调色:张英杰 Sound Engineer | 录音师:闫小鹏  

Weekly AD |「Further Than Ever」NIKE x W+K Shanghai x MPC

  NIKE x W+K Shanghai x MPC CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:NIKE W + K Shanghai Executive Creative Directors | 执行创意总监: Ian Toombs, Vivian Yong Creative Directors | 创意总监: Matt Skibiak, Dong Hao Senior Copywriter | 资深撰稿人: Matt Meszaros Art … »

Weekly AD |「管我怎么跑」PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms

  PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:PUMA Agency | 代理商:Play x Pause(上海) Production | 制片公司:STARTFilms Executive Producer | 监制:Scarlett Producer | 制片:沈璘祺 Director | 导演:Jayga Rayn Director of photography | 摄影指导:Richie kendall Gaffer | 灯光师:JOE Post Producer … »

Where is China? | 中国为什么会缺席?

In the newest ranking of the most awarded campaigns per business sector by AdForum Business Creative Report, China Mainland is again completely missing. | AdForum Business Creative Report的最新获奖广告排名中,中国大陆依然没有踪影 … »


ADFEST is now selling tickets to next year’s festival, which runs from 20th March to 23rd March 2019 at PEACH Royal Cliff Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. | 目前,明年ADFEST的入场门票正在热卖中,该活动计划于2019年3月20日至3月23日在泰国芭堤雅的蜜桃皇家克里夫度假酒店(PEACH Royal Cliff Resort)举行。 … »

Weekly AD |「情人节“袋”来幸福」京东 JD x 蓝色光标 BlueFocus Digital x 美啦美啦 HIMEILA

  京东 JD x 蓝色光标数字营销机构 BlueFocus Digital x 美啦美啦 HIMEILA Credits 制片团队 Client | 客户: 京东 JD Agency | 代理: 蓝色光标数字营销机构 BlueFocus Digital Production | 制片公司:美啦美啦 HIMEILA Production Manager | 制片人:李静 Director | 导演: 吴婷 Executive Producer | 监制: Sammi Li / 倪宇白 … »

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