“Capturing Wonder” for new Huawei Honor Pro20 Phone

Huawei recently partnered with Publicis Shanghai – Marcel Paris to make an imaginative and visually stunning film created around the idea of “Capture Wonder”.  Shot in Thailand over three days, the project started with a beautiful mood board which served … »

Female Leaders’ Programme at Spikes | 女性领导人的职业加速计划

Empowering women creatively, SIBI opens for applicants from across APAC SIBI为确保创意行业女性的权益,对亚太地区的全体申请人开放。 Spikes Asia, the annual Festival bringing Asia Pacific’s creative communications community together for three days of inspiration, networking and learning in Singapore has announced the launch of the first See … »

Weekly AD |「龙族幻想概念片」

Tencent game 腾讯游戏 x accent 腔调广告 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | Tencent game 腾讯游戏 Agency 代理商 | accent 腔调广告 Production 制作商 | accent 腔调广告 Director 导演|田春鹏 Executive Producer 监制 |杨漾 CD | 王乐天 PM | 戴琳 Director Of Photography 摄影师|陈思远 … »

Weekly AD |「人生可以退换吗?」Tmall天猫 x 中好Zhonghao

Tmall天猫 x 中好Zhonghao CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | 天猫 Production 制作商 | 中好 Director 导演|戴莉 Executive Producer 监制 | 龚裕峰 Assistant Director 副导演|VK Copywriting 文案|大O Producer 制片 | 佳俊 Director Of Photography 摄影师|苍茫 Lighting Engineer 灯光师 | 吴洋元 Art 美术 | 黄宇聪 … »

Weekly AD |「MonsterEnergy x 王者荣耀」TouchingStudio x 黄立行

MonsterEnergy x TouchingStudio x 黄立行 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | MonsterEnergy Creative / Production: Touching Studio Executive Producer 制片人 | Yang Tao Director 导演 | 葛尔汉 Gerhan D.O.P. 摄影师 | Allen Lv spokesman 代言人 | 黄立行 Production Designer 艺术指导 | Ping … »

CICLOPE FESTIVAL RETURNS TO TOKYO | 9月5日亚洲“独眼巨人”国际广告创意节重回东京

ON SEPTEMBER 5 CICLOPE FESTIVAL RETURNS TO TOKYO  WITH MORE GUESTS MORE CONTENT  AND MORE NETWORKING  9月5日 “独眼巨人”国际广告创意节带着更多的嘉宾 更丰富的内容 更庞大的网络重回东京  (July,2019) This summer, CICLOPE Asia (http://asia.ciclopefestival.com/), the only award show in Asia-Pacific exclusively dedicated to film craft in advertising, music videos … »

Weekly AD |「别憋着去畅轻」伊利 x 赞意Goodidea x P.A.I FILM

伊利 x 赞意Goodidea x  P.A.I FILM CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | 伊利 Agency 代理商 | 赞意Goodidea Post Production 制作公司 | P.A.I FILM Executive Producer 监制 | 解洁晶 Director 导演 | 黄梓航 Assist Executive Producer 执行监制 | 刘进宇 Director of photography 摄影 | 姚杰 Gaffer 灯光师 | 刘金松 Designer 美术指导 | 田力夫 … »

AD STARS Awards | 广告之星奖宣布今年参赛作品数量

AD STARS 2019 will be held from 22-24 August in Busan Korea. This year, there are  20,645 entries from 60 countries, up slightly from last year’s 20,342 entries from 57 countries.  There were 1,141 entries from China, 5% up from … »

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