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Christmas Ads 2021


Every passing year, Christmas ads are here to add some sparkle to our holiday season and spread some consumer impulse. And even if they can be kitschy and predictable, they always exceed in making us laugh, get the goosebumps, and maybe shed a tear.


This year in storytelling, we see the focus shifting from the pandemic hurdles towards a more normal world. The good old hopeful messages are told with restored gratitude for what it is that matters in life—the company of those we love, a new friendship, or quite simply, food.


As always, when it comes to Christmas ads, SHP+ keeps a list of who’s naughty, who’s nice and who directed those ads. So, let our holiday ad listicle begin!


Not surprisingly, John Lewis made it to the list again, and this time with a new friendship that transcends the limits of this planet. When a boy meets a young extraterrestrial girl in the woods near his home, he introduces the magic of the Christmas season to her. And with her first Christmas comes their first love.

今年,John Lewis也是稳稳地名列前茅,而这一次,为我们讲述了来自天外的友谊。一个男孩在他家附近的树林里遇到一个年轻的外星女孩,他将圣诞节的魔力传递给了她。这是她的第一个圣诞节,而他们的初恋也随之而来。

As usual, the soundtrack is a central element, a mellow remake of the 1984 hit Together in Electric Dreams. This year, the choice of the song sparked some controversy too because of accusations of plagiarism that were thoroughly denied. Guilty or not, the spot is magical.

和往年一样,John Lewis广告的配乐是电影的核心元素,今年的音乐是1984年的热门电影《一起做电子梦》(Together in Electric Dreams)的柔和再制版。但这首歌的选择也引发了一些争议,因为涉嫌剽窃被彻底否认。不过,不管有罪与否,这部影片都很神奇,值得一看。

Don’t want to say goodbye to your snowman? Keep it in the freezer. That may be easier said than done. In this Apple ad, when a little girl tries to save her snowman from her slaughterous older brother and from melting, she keeps it in the family freezer all year round.

不想跟你的雪人说再见? 那就把它放在冰箱里吧。但这说起来容易做起来难。在这则苹果公司的广告中,一个小女孩为了不让自己的雪人被残忍的哥哥融化,她把它放在家里的冰箱里渡过了一年。

Still, she has to stay alert to threats of daily life such as, for instance, her dad leaving the freezer door open in the middle of the night. Directed by father-son duo Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Kindergarten Cop) and Jason Reitman (Juno, Young Adult), the ad was entirely shot with iPhone 13, in an actual house, but with fake snow outside.

然而,她必须对日常生活中的威胁保持警惕,例如,爸爸会在在半夜把冰箱门打开。这则广告由父子二人组Ivan Reitman(《捉鬼敢杀队》,《幼儿园警察》)和Jason Reitman(《朱诺》,《青壮年》)执导,完全用iPhone 13。

But the prize of the most unusual bond goes to Amazon Prime. Their Christmas spot features the friendship between a grumpy zoo janitor and a hyaena. Interestingly, he sneaks the hyena out of the zoo, and they keep each other company throughout the holiday—much for the despair of everyone around.


It seems they’re made for each other. But, when he grabs that last bit of popcorn from the bowl while they watch an Amazon flick, will the hyena keep the smile on her face or resource back to her predatorial instincts?



Sometimes we don’t pay proper attention to those who live near us. This year, Coca-Cola‘s film tells the story of a boy that goes to great lengths to make the lonely old lady next door feel welcomed. Inspired by a cartoon he watched, he moves his entire community to build an improvised chimney in his building. The goal is to drop a touching gift to his neighbor.


Mary Poppins’ Chim Chimney playing as a soundtrack is a lovely touch that brings us all back to our childhoods, and this cinematic spot reminds us that happiness is better when shared and that sometimes we can make magic happen for real.



In this clever animation, Austrian Banking group Erste gives us a lecture on caring for the future by reminding us to be sustainable with everyday actions like saving wastewater, recycling, refusing plastic bags, and riding our bikes instead of taking the car. They do this with the figure of a seemingly irresponsible father that keeps getting cross-eyed looks from his young daughter. But, in the end, a delightful twist shows us what’s really going on in his mind.



Cartier‘s is the only celebrity-heavy commercial of the bunch this year, uniting names like Willow Smith, Troye Sivan, Jackson Wang, Lily Collins, Maisie Williams, and Monica Bellucci—all admittedly fans of the brand. Shot in studios in Paris, LA, and Shanghai simultaneously, the scenarios are minimal and elegant, paying homage to Cartier’s iconic red jewelry box in playful and theatrical fashion. The powerful message comes with the soundtrack: Love Is All by Roger Glover.

卡地亚的广告是今年唯一一个名人代言的广告,参演的明星包括Willow Smith、Troye Sivan、Jackson Wang、Lily Collins、Maisie WilliamsMonica Bellucci,他们都是该品牌的忠实粉丝。影片同时在巴黎、洛杉矶和上海的工作室拍摄,场景简约而优雅,以俏皮又戏剧化的风格,向卡地亚标志性的红色首饰盒致敬。歌曲《爱是一切》(Roger Glover著)传达了满满的正能量。


Yeah, family gatherings are important, and Christmas chorals are heartwarming and all, but are they really the best part of the holiday? Supermarket chain Waitrose brings in Scottish actress Ashley Jensen as a blatantly honest aunt and she tells us what it really is all about for her: the turkey, pies, pudding, and stuffing… Oh, the glorious stuffing! After all, Christmas is not Christmas without good food.

是的,家庭聚会很重要,圣诞赞歌也很温馨,但它们真的是节日里最好的部分吗? Waitrose超市连锁店请来苏格兰女演员Ashley Jensen饰演一位接地气的实在阿姨,她告诉我们圣诞真正的亮点是: 火鸡、派、布丁和馅料……哦,那美味的火鸡馅料! 毕竟,没有美食的圣诞节哪里算是圣诞节。


All this attention Santa gets during the holiday season doesn’t sit well with everyone. This year, Taco Bell shines a light on the small and incredibly neglected segment of society formed by those who were born during the Christmas holidays.

圣诞老人在节日期间受到的各种关注并不是每个人都喜闻乐见的。今年,Taco Bell让观众看到了那些圣诞节期间出生的人们的小小怨念,他们也是一小部分被忽视的社会群体。

They reveal what a traumatic experience it is to be forgotten by their families and loved ones year after year. But this year, they take revenge. Spoiler alert: someone actually punches Santa. It’s not all about him, anyway, and this crowd definitely doesn’t wanna taco ’bout Christmas.



China’s e-commerce giant Taobao joins the Christmas creativity wave with this cringe-worthy but amusing spot. When Santa receives a handwritten wish in Chinese, he needs to leave his home in Finland and travel to China to fulfill a boy’s dream.


But when he lands, he faces all sorts of misfortunes in the rural provinces, including having his reindeer apprehended, getting mistaken by a cosplay enthusiast, and, since it’s 2021, having to deal with travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine. But Taobao, as usual in Chinese lands, is there to save the day.


If you weren’t born in December, don’t forget to leave out milk and cookies for Santa and have the best holiday ever, wherever you are.



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