Weekly AD |「重返618号」京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂

京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂  BlueFocus Digital Marketing Agency 蓝色光标数字营销机构 x mera 美啦美啦 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:京东 JD x 上海美术电影制片厂 Agency 代理商:BlueFocus Digital Marketing Agency 蓝色光标数字营销机构 Production 制作商:mera 美啦美啦 Producer 监制:邵京平、王华强 Director 导演:马力、曲强 Art 美术:黄晨、袁峻、孙超平、崔宇翔、卢玉、关兆轩、曾雨冉 AE:吴迪 Editor 剪辑:顾雪斐 3D:北京天工异彩 Visual effect & … »

Raw and Truthful: Roni Shao’s Directing Path|原生与真诚:邵黎俊的导演之路

邵黎俊 Roni Shao https://www.ronishao.com/ Shanghai-based director Roni Shao never had a formal education in commercial filmmaking. Still, he worked on projects for Nike, was in charge of celebrity relations at Adidas, and produced documentary films for VICE. Now, under his … »

Weekly AD |「超越时空的赞歌」强生J&J x MTOMORROW

强生J&J x MTOMORROW CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:强生 Johnson & Johnson Agency 代理商:MTOMORROW 蒙彤传播 Production 制作商:MTOMORROW 蒙彤传播 Producer 监制:Andy陈 Director 导演:阿神、Andy陈 Senior Art 美术指导: Jeremy Lee OFFLINE:盧润科 ONLINE:乔JoJo 吴若兢 TC:张可新 Mix 混音:仇少扬  


A word from the Editor in Chief: SHP+ is excited to continue our mission of bringing awareness to the unsung craftspeople behind advertising films.  We would like to help them share their new techniques, their secrets, their impressive skills.   We … »

Final Frontier’s League of Legends Epic for OPPO|FF终极先锋再现英雄史诗

Director’s Cut 导演剪辑版 Final Frontier produced a powerful League of Legends game-themed commercial to promote OPPO’s new Reno Ace 2 phone. Final Frontier终极先锋为OPPO的新手机Reno Ace 2制作了一个以《英雄联盟》为主题的宣传广告。 Directed by Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, the spot was designed and animated by German CG powerhouse, Sehsucht.   … »

Remote Future In The Making With Editor Noam Weissman 正在远程剪辑未来

Working from home has become the big new movement in this age of COVID19.  Many companies are already saving a lot of time and money in adopting remote working arrangements and video conferencing.Commercial producers should consider adopting remote shoots and … »

Cross-border Creativity With W | W的跨境创意

If you Google “Wild Dog Knights” to try to find out more about the young production house in Vancouver of that name, the search won’t get you far. As was the case with creative house W when it first started, … »

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