2017 Spikes Asia亚洲创意广告节早鸟票现已开放 | Early bird tickets on sale for Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2017

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9月27-29日,新加坡新达城将迎来2017 Spikes Asia亚洲创意广告节,早鸟票团体票现已开放。此外,广告节还专门准备了针对营销者的Young Spikes Marketers套票,针对创意者的Young Spikes Creative套票,针对学生的Spikes Student套票,现均已开始出售。 Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2017 early bird tickets are now available for delegates.  The festival will be held in Suntec City, Singapore this September 27-29.  Young Spikes Marketer, Young Spikes Creative … »

2017 AD STARS釜山国际广告节参赛报名即将终止 | 2017 AD STARS entry deadline fast approaching

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AD STARS釜山国际广告节始于2008年,今年它迎来了第十个年头,将于8月24日-26日在韩国釜山举办。今年广告节的主题是“Creativity +-x÷Technology”,为了庆祝具有里程碑意义的10周年,釜山会展中心将上演五个以上大会和活动。 Established in 2008, AD STARS will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Busan, South Korea, from 24th to 26th August. With the theme ‘Creativity +-x÷Technology’, AD STARS 2017 will commemorate this 10th birthday milestone with no less than … »

夜战操场:高品质,高回报 | Night Warriors: No Pain No Gain


中国媒体界正在掀起一股网络连续剧形式的浪潮。在这种浪潮的冲击下,淘宝网再次与他们的长期合作伙伴UM上海以及Start Films 制作公司一起,为我们带来了一部7集广告剧《夜操场》。 Online mini-series’ ads have been making a splash in the Chinese media landscape.  Taobao, one of China’s largest online retailers, teamed up with its long-time advertising partner UM Shanghai, an independent agency, and production house Start Films … »

VOLT广告三部曲 | VOLT Present Its 3InFocus

Volt作品:福特《充气床篇》 | Volt: Ford ‘Bouncy’

VOLT极具现代感的工作室坐落在上海的法租界一带,我们在这里见到了Damien Yang,他整个人显得很轻松。他来自新加坡,开创了自己的精品工作室,倡导自由选择工作的核心理念。 Damien Yang cuts a relaxed figure when we meet at VOLT’s modern Shanghai facility, nestled in a typical French Concession complex.  That is not surprising given that the Singaporean founded his boutique studio with freedom to pick and … »

ADFEST 2017 Lotus Awards Winners Announced: Part 2 | 2017亚太广告节最终获奖名单公布:第2部分


第20届亚太广告节3月25日于泰国芭提雅正式落下帷幕。 The 20th ADFEST wrapped up this year’s four-day Festival with an Awards Presentation at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand on Saturday, 25th March 2017. 来自全球69个城市的近1200名代表参加了这一广告界盛会,在现场聆听来自全球广告界著名人士的发言,参与研讨、社交,并最终见证了从3011件入围作品中评选出来的最终获奖者。 Close to 1200 delegates from 69 cities in total attended the … »

ADFEST 2017 Lotus Awards Winners Announced | 亚太广告节获奖名单公布


2017年亚太广告节邀请了来自亚太、中东地区20各城市的56名评审,其中也包括来自纽约Droga5广告公司的首席创意官、本届广告节的评审团主席Ted Royer。 The fifty-six Juries invited to judge the Lotus Awards at ADFEST 2017 hail from twenty cities, in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, as well as New York, the home base of Ted Royer, Chief Creative Officer of … »

Connect with other Delegates at ADFEST 2017 with our New Networking Tool, ADFEST Connect | 使用亚太广告节最新的社交工具ADFEST CONNECT来联系其他参会代表

AdFest Connect

为了庆祝第20届第亚太广告节,广告节主办方日前启动了一项名为ADFEST Connect的活动,在3月22日至25日泰国芭提雅Royal Cliff宾馆广告节期间,代表们可以参加本次活动以增近之间的互相了解。 To celebrate its 20th anniversary, ADFEST has launched a new networking tool called ADFEST Connect to help delegates get in touch with each other during ADFEST 2017, which kicks off next week and runs from 22nd to … »

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