Top Stunt Team in China: Part 2 | 顶尖替身团队在中国 (下)

Veteran stunt artist, coordinator, and director Julian Chica Rose, founder of the Stunt Masters Team continues to tell us about his biz. If you’ve missed last week Part 1, see below. 资深替身艺术家、Stunt Masters团队创始人Julian Chica Rose继续讲述神秘的替身行业。如果你错过了上周发布的文章第一部分,请点击下面阅读。 Top Stunt Team in China: Part 1 /顶尖替身团队在中国(上) … »

Top Stunt Team in China: Part 1 /顶尖替身团队在中国(上)

Anyone can enjoy the thrills of speed and skillful driving, chases, crashes, and explosions in a movie, but very few of us get to take part in them willingly and still come out in one piece without a single scratch. Still, … »

Christmas Ads 2021

Every passing year, Christmas ads are here to add some sparkle to our holiday season and spread some consumer impulse. And even if they can be kitschy and predictable, they always exceed in making us laugh, get the goosebumps, and … »

Blockbuster BMW ads | 叫好又叫座的宝马广告片

BMW launched branded films in collaboration with Universal Beijing Resort two weeks ago, instantly attracting millions of views. We talked to director Roni Shao and cinematographer Paul Morris to know what it took to bring the Jurassic World and Transformers, … »

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