Did W+K Get Carried Away With New Ad?|惠普新广告略走偏

In an attempt to show benefits of playing video games, HP commissioned a campaign with video for the computer maker Omen. Does the film give the right impression? 惠普Omen游戏笔记本视频广告展示网络游戏好处。是否收到了良好曝光? Until recently, China held the title of the world’s largest gaming market. … »

糖室Sweetshop为沙宣和Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai制作题材前卫的短片

SHANGHAI Entitled ‘Do As You’re Told’ Sweetshop Shanghai is behind an edgy new film for Vidal Sassoon and Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai that celebrates young Chinese trend setters and shows a path to self-expression. 以「使命必达」著称的上海糖室广告为此次沙宣和Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai制作一部新颖短片,歌颂中国年轻人引领潮流及自我展现的路程。 Shot in 2 days at 11 … »

Milka Chocolate Brought to Life by MPC | 妙卡巧克力焕然新生

In a new series of spots for Milka, director Eddie Li, creative agency Ogilvy Shanghai and MPC Shanghai came together to design a CG world from scratch and tell three stories of a chocolate character on a path of self-improvement. 在为妙卡(Milka)设计的新一季影片中,影片导演Eddie Li、影片创意机构——上海奥美与MPC 上海一同打造了一个全新的实拍世界,并讲述了三个不同巧克力人物的自我提升的故事。   The … »

ADFEST 2018 Animation created by MPC Shanghai

MPC SH and Tracks & Fields Berlin create pyschedelic animation | MPC上海携手Tracks & Fields柏林打造奇幻视觉动画 … »

A whirlwind of color | 舞动色彩

Vincent Taylor reflects on his three years at MPC Shanghai | 调色师Vincent Taylor回忆MPC上海三年心路历程 … »

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