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Looking ahead to Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity
Spikes Asia亚洲创意节展望


SHP+ are heading to Singapore this week for Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, the most significant conference of creativity and communication on the continent.

The three day bonanza is a collaboration between media group Haymarket, operators of ad mag Campaign Asia, and Lions Festival, the world leading advertising festival running every year in Cannes. With such a prestigious organizing committee, it’s no surprise that Spikes Asia has grown since it’s early life as an award for creative communication to become the undisputed number one, must-attend event for communications industry professionals in Asia.

SHP+将前往新加坡参加Spikes Asia亚洲创意节,亚洲最著名的交流与通信的盛会。

这场三日狂欢由海麦克托传媒集团,《Campaign Asia》杂志广告运营商,以及Lion Festival,国际领先的戛纳年度广告节运营商联合推出。拥有如此权威的阵容,难怪Spikes Asia从早期的一个创意与通信奖项演变成现在毫无疑问的龙头老大,亚洲通信行业内最受欢迎的盛会。

The event is expected to attract around 2000 delegates, including the industry’s biggest players, thought leaders and creative pioneers, for three days of inspiration, networking and celebration of the most exciting work from the region. Running from September 9th to 11th, the conference includes a full program of seminars and workshops, culminating with the Spikes Asia Awards Ceremony.

此次盛会预计将吸引约2000名代表,包括行业内顶级玩家、思想领袖和创意先锋们,而业内最吸引人的作品们将经历三天的思想碰撞、相互交流和庆祝活动。自9月9日至11日,会程包括一系列研讨会和讲座,并由Spikes Asia颁奖礼引向高潮。

Hans Lopez Vito - BBDO  Arthur Tsang - BBDO  Nils-Andersson---TBWA

Hans Lopez-Vito (BBDO), Arthur Tsang (BBDO), Nils Andersson (TBWA)

Attendees with a China focus can look forward to a major daily attraction each day.  Day One sees BBDO top creative brass tracking the booming, rapidly evolving luxury market in China and across Asia, and offering their insights as to how marketers can capitalize on the vast opportunities. On Thursday, CCO heavyweights from DDB, JWT and McCann China will discuss the evolution of domestic advertising and creativity in the last 25 years, highlighting the best ads from the period in the process. TBWA China President and CCO Nils Andersson rounds things off on Friday with a practical, back-to-basics solo presentation extolling the enduring value of starting with a great idea and seeing it through to it’s conclusion.


Norman Tan - JWT  Tomaz Mok - McCann  Jimmy Lam - DDB

Norman Tan (JWT), Tomaz Mok (McCann), Jimmy Lam (DDB)

There’s a strong roster of tech presentations in store too. Framestore, Happy Finish and Metalworks by Maxus will explore the vast VR and AR possibilities for marketers, while a varied assortment of experts will play SENTIENCE, a game show designed to show the possible future role of Artificial Intelligence in marketing and our daily lives.   Leaders from Spotify an Omnicom Media Group will add an alternative sensory experience, looking ahead to the future relationships between music, technology and advertising.

在技术展示方面阵容依然强大。Framestore、Happy Finish和Metalworks by Maxus将探讨虚拟现实技术和现实增强技术为市场营销人员带来的无数可能性,同时来自不同领域的专家将试玩“SENTIENCE”,这个游戏旨在展示人工智能未来将在我们的生活中和市场上扮演怎样的角色。Spotify和奥姆尼康传媒集团将新增一项感官替代体验,展望在未来音乐、科技和广告之间的联系。

Other standout sessions include Facebook creative Fergus O’Hare assessing the possibilities for mobile marketing, the team from FITCH outlining the necessary skill set for any creative professional in today’s changing digital landscape, and founder of The Pop Up Agency, Abraham Abbi Asefaw, explaining how agencies should only need 48 hours to solve a brief.

其他出色的环节还包括来自Facebook的创意人士弗格斯·奥海尔对于手机市场的评估,来自惠誉的团队解读在目前日益变化的数字环境下,创意行业人士应具备哪些技能。而The Pop Up Agency创始人亚伯拉罕·阿比·阿瑟方将向我们解释如何做到在48小时内将客户简报付诸实施。

Abraham Abbi Asefaw - The Pop Up Agency  Fergus O'Hare - Facebook  Simon Gosling - Happy Finish

Abraham Abbi Asefaw (The Pop Up Agency), Fergus O’Hare (Facebook), Simon Gosling (Happy Finish)

Alongside the many networking soirees, we’re especially looking forward to “Neuromance”, the second major Spikes party thrown by Massive Music, long-time hosts of the biggest shindig in Cannes, in partnership with Dentsu Aegis Network.   Last year Massive Music flew in 2ManyDJs to signal their arrival as the conference’s leading party planners.  This year they have promised something just as spectacular.

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至于社交晚会,我们特别期待的则是“Neuromance”,第二大Spikes派对,由Massive Music和电通安吉斯合力举办,长久以来都是戛纳最盛大的狂欢晚会。去年Massive Music飞去邀请比利时电音摇滚乐队2ManyDJs作为活动的首席派对策划师。而今年他们承诺将会有同样精彩的惊喜等待着大家。

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