The True Color of the Youth | 残酷青春的原色

Created by local agency W and directed by Taiwan director Gingzim Lo, New Balance's new campaign films #This is Our True Colour# have revealed the 'cruel' side of youth. 谁说青春的日子都是灿烂的?广告公司W与台湾导演罗景壬联合共同为了你撕开青春残酷的一面。 … »

Exclusive Interview with Olivier Megaton, Director of Taken 3 Blockbuster | “影评只是让你的自尊心好过点,我才不在乎。” —— 独家专访《飓风营救3》导演利维尔·米加顿

Megaton was in Beijing to promote Taken 3 when SHP+ spoke to him. 在成为票房最有保证的大导演之前,奥利维尔·米加顿是一名生活在巴黎贫穷郊区的涂鸦艺术家,现在他在世界影坛的影响是无法用量来衡量的。 … »

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