“A Refreshing Cocktail Of Western Aesthetics and Eastern Soul” | 在西方奢华里注入东方的美学

SHP+ is meeting the young upcoming director Andrea Wang from Taiwan, whom recently shot four online films “Lincoln Space” for Lincoln‘s launch campaign in China. 随着林肯网络广告“林肯空间”的上线,导演王俞心成熟和细腻的手法一下子吸引了我们的注意。SHP+独家走访了这位来自台湾的新晋导演。 … »

Aussie Post House Fin Design Opens Shanghai Facility

Fin Design, a boutique Australian post-production and visual effects company, recently launched a new office in Shanghai. The company marked the occasion with a party attended by over 100 industry guests. Fin joins American company Technicolor and Digital District from France as a foreign post house … »

Gwantsi Shooting in Prague for Skoda | 斯科达再恋布拉格

Production house Gwantsi launched in 1999 and has produced over 1,500 TVCs and viral videos from its offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Southwest China. For their latest TVC, directed by a known Japanese director Masami Kamiyama, made for … »

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