Cross-border Creativity With W | W的跨境创意

If you Google “Wild Dog Knights” to try to find out more about the young production house in Vancouver of that name, the search won’t get you far. As was the case with creative house W when it first started, … »

Bunches of babies | 宝贝广告集锦

The production joys and difficulties of working with babies on set | 拍摄小宝宝广告的喜悦和挑战 … »

Emotional campaigns dominate the China prizewinners in Singapore | 中国感性广告征服新加坡

中国广告这周末在Spikes亚洲创意节上捧回了不少的奖杯。 Some of the best work from China over the past 12 months picked up awards this weekend at Spikes Asia. 每年9月在新加坡举办的Spikes亚洲创意节是亚太地区最重要的广告节之一。由Lions Festivals运营主办,每年夏天在戛纳举办全球最大的广告节。中国广告界对于国际舞台一直表现出冷漠的态度,这也是Lions Festivals力图改变的。他们试图通过招纳更多中国地区评委以及演讲者来刺激中国公司积极参与到创意节的活动中。 The event, held every September in Singapore, is one of the region’s leading advertising shows.  It … »

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