Weekly AD |「蓝天白云 定会如期而至」宝马BMW x TBWA x 熙雍文化​ XIYONG

宝马BMW x TBWA x  熙雍文化 XIYONG CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:BMW 宝马 Agency 代理:TBWA Production 制作公司:熙雍文化 XIYONG Director 导演:杨玥 Executive Producer 监制:王腾 DOP 摄影:杨玥、冯百钦、高帆、李博 Producer 制作人:巴涛 Voice 声音:易烊千玺 Colorist 调色:YAO COLORGRADING Online 精剪:陈宏 TC:光耀 Mix 混音:小宝  

The Best of London and Shanghai to Appear at the Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015 | 伦敦及上海广告业精英齐聚2015“上海-伦敦广告论坛”

This month marks a major event on China’s advertising industry calendar, as a delegation representing London’s leading production companies brought by the Advertising Producers Association will come to Shanghai for the Shanghai London Advertising Forum 2015. The two-day event, on … »

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