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Cars And Cuisine In Michelin’s Debut TVC


11月20日,米其林中国放出了首支历史性的广告短片,一部专门为米其林著名美食指南所做的广告。这支名为《驱 寻味》的广告由Jonathan Knuckey执导,TBWA上海和上海观池制作。

On November 20th, Michelin China marked the inaugural China version of its famous Guide with its first ever video advertisement.  Titled Let’s Go for a Tasty Drive, the spot is directed by Jonathan Knuckey, created by TBWA Shanghai and produced by Gwantsi.


Notably the commercial is also the first time the company has fused the two different products for which they are world famous – car tires and restaurant ratings.  Shot in Taiwan, Tasty Drive employs a split-screen to tell two simultaneous stories; one following a group of young people driving to dinner along a stunning coastal highway, while a chef prepares food in a modern kitchen in the other.




The iconic Michelin Guide awards the best restaurants around the world with one, two or three stars, at once propelling awarded chefs to global renown or driving to despair those it omits. 



The release of the ad coincided with the official launch of the Michelin Guide 2017 Shanghai.  The soft launch earlier this year proved controversial with surprise stars awarded to mall-based chain outlets and hitherto unheralded Chinese eateries, provoking widespread ire amongst ignored and aggrieved restaurateurs.  The most dramatic reaction of all was a gun attack on a newly opened restaurant the day after it received a star.


  • 客户:米其林
  • 广告公司:TBWA上海
  • 创意总监:Marco Wu
  • 制作公司:观池上海
  • 导演:Jonathan Knuckey
  • 摄影指导:Jorge Calderón
  • 监制:William Huen, Teddy Lee


  • Client: Michelin
  • Creative Agency: TBWA\Shanghai
  • Creative Director: Marco Wu
  • Production Company: Gwantsi
  • Director: Jonathan Knuckey
  • DOP: Jorge Calderón
  • EP: William Huen, Teddy Lee

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