Take two | 中国广告,二度试水

Canadian Ian Robertson reflects on directing in China | 加拿大导演Ian Robertson讲述中国二三事 … »

SHP+’s Highlights of Day 4 in Cannes Lions – The Parties and Awards Continue | 戛纳行第四天—— 派对和颁奖的继续进行时

We have reached the mid point of the festival.  There is no deceleration at all as the creative energy of Cannes remains robust. 广告节已经过半,但是却完全没有因为时间的流逝而减去一点点的繁忙。而许多派对都选择这一天举行。 Keeping up with the…Kardashians? 金·卡戴珊的创意? Kim Kardashian made her way to the Palais today and as … »

Thank You ! CICLOPE Shanghai Was A Success. | “独眼巨人”国际广告奖感谢上海——世界巡展上海夜成功落幕!

CICLOPE Shanghai last Thursday was a huge success, gathering over 150 of the most active players in the local market from creative agencies, production companies, post and music houses. Hosted by leading local production company Gwantsi, post production house Fin … »

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