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SHP+’s Highlights of Day 4 in Cannes Lions – The Parties and Awards Continue
戛纳行第四天—— 派对和颁奖的继续进行时


We have reached the mid point of the festival.  There is no deceleration at all as the creative energy of Cannes remains robust.


Keeping up with the…Kardashians? 金·卡戴珊的创意?

Kim Kardashian made her way to the Palais today and as expected, a huge crowd was waiting to hear her speak. Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful people in reality television and she also happens to be married to one of the most famous music artists on the planet, Kanye West. You might ask, is she relevant for Cannes?

She is extremely relevant.  Her autobiographical mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, had estimated revenues at the end of 2014 of $200 million.  When entering this new territory for her, she said, “Most of the games are male driven, so I feel excited that we brought a female fan base to the gaming world and to the tech world.”  Her brand speaks to so many people on so many channels that gaming seemed like a logical endeavor.


金与广告节到底为什么给搭上了。其实真的很搭关系。金去年的自传式的APP游戏《金卡戴珊:好莱坞》在截止到去年为止已经产生超过2亿美元的收入。首次闯入新领域就获得巨大的成功,金说:“许多游戏都是为男的玩家设计,所以我很高兴我的游戏增加了女性的手机游戏迷和带她们进入科技的世界。” 游戏的具大成功当然是有赖于金本人的名人营销,不难想像她的相关产品可以轻而易举地从各种途径推广。


BBQ Time 泳池派对?必须的!


From the Palais, we quickly made our way into the hills of Le Cannet for the PIG China BBQ Party, a raucous afternoon event with imported Chilean beef, free flowing adult beverages and plenty of pool action.  PIG, a Chinese production house in Shanghai works with their partners Tantor Films from Chile to organise the party and fly in the Chilean beef to Cannes.  Impressive.  This is the most anticipated Chinese party at Cannes.  Needless to say we didn’t want to leave…ever!

据闻在戛纳,不参加过泳池派对都不算真正在那里过过夏天。PIG与Tantor Films / Ta Prod 每年联手搞的泳池BBQ派对是广告节期间最有名的一个。据闻不仅是牛肉讲究得必须从智利空运过来,最重要的它是唯一一个由中国影视制作公司在戛纳广告节期间举办的派对,虽然里面的中国人脸孔真不多,但是却每年吸引了过千人来参加,是每年最让期待和最好玩的中国派对。


Future Lions | 未来狮子奖

Future Lions is the official student competition at the Cannes Lions Festival organized for the past ten years by AKQA. It challenges students to come up with an idea that was not possible three years ago for a brand of their choosing, and awards the world’s most creative young talent.

The theme of the competition this year is ‘Make Your Move’. The ceremony was hosted by Rei Inamoto, AKQA Chief Creative Officer, who also took the chance to pay tribute to his late grandmother who just passed away a day ago. He praised her courage for overcoming all the seemingly impossibles difficulties in her time,  and thereby encouraged young people to “image the impossible,” then they’ll be able to make it possible.

Future Lions是 AKQA 与戛纳广告节合办的学生创新广告比赛,今年已是第十届。今年的竞赛主题是“Make Your Move”,并向下一代提出了挑战:如何以一种三年前不可能做到的方式将受众的选择与国际化品牌的产品和服务联系起来。AKQA的首席执行官Rei Inamoto主持了颁奖礼。他还借此机会向他刚在前天过世的外婆致敬,他简单介绍了他外婆奔波的一生,以及克服了许多在那个时代看起来不太可能的事情。他籍此鼓励年青人只有“想像不可能的事情“才会万事有可能。


Awards Ceremony 第三晚的颁奖夜


The evening awards ceremony today marked a major milestone for China’s presence on the global stage as SY Lau received the prestigious Cannes Lions 2015 Media Person of the Year award.  A resounding applause for the President of Tencent’s Online Media Group was followed by short speech.  He couldn’t wait to tell his friends on WeChat.



More Parties

After the awards ceremony we went to the Location Guide party at the Goland Beach Pier.  To our good surprise we saw 2 producers from New Life Productions from China and China rep, Malcolm Tan.

The Location Guide的派对现场有不少中国制作公司的同学捧场,包括了New Life的Malcolm Tan

Malcom @ Redhoud and Maria

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 16.46.20 PM

Megan – EP @ New Life Films Shanghai, Joan Chan – producer @ New Life Films.

The night cap for this eventful day was the Massive Music/Media Monks party at the Riviera Terrace where we ran into a few more representatives from China such as famous Director/Cinematographer Rain Li and no less famous producer Desmond Loh of Stink.  This was an epic party as always!

每年由Massvie Music(荷兰的音乐制作公司)与Media Monks合办的派对都是最热门和最大型的,简直是一票难求。今年以“金色”为题的派对也不例外。我们还看到了中国来自中国Stink制作的Desmond Loh.


Quotes of the Day 每日金句

 “我更感兴趣于充实的内心——对艺术般的平和的追求。” - Kenneth Branagh, 演员/导演/监制/编剧

“那首歌曲有种叫人投入的活力。” - Mark Ronson, (歌手/作曲/监制/) 谈及他的大热歌曲Uptown Funk

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