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Press Release: AKQA Announces Future Lions Call for Entries


AKQA宣布其与戛纳国际创意节(Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity)联合主办的全球学生创意大赛——未来狮(Future Lions)报名工作正式启动,同时热情邀请每一位学生参赛,为启发未来探寻超前的创意理念。

AKQA announced today the call for entries to the official Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity global student competition, Future Lions, by inviting those willing to look ‘Beyond’ what’s expected to create the future.


Future Lions discovers tomorrow’s most innovative talent, and over the past decade has launched the careers of over 70 of the world’s best creatives. The brief: Connect audiences to an idea from a global brand in a way not possible three years ago. There are no boundaries or restrictions on which industries or media are chosen. The deadline for entries is 12 April 2017 at 18:00 BST.



For the fourth year in a row, Google is the official partner of the Future Lions competition.

AKQA董事总经理Sam Kelly表示:“未来需要靠创业家的野心和无穷的想象力来激发。而未来狮正鼓励大家勇于突破现状,为激发未来打破所谓的不可能。”

AKQA Managing Director Sam Kelly said: “The future has an entrepreneurial mindset and an imagination with no boundaries. Future Lions encourages those to go beyond the realms of the impossible.”

大赛完毕后,五名获奖者将受邀在2017621日,前往于节庆宫(Les Palais des Festivals)德彪西大厅(Debussy Theatre)举行的戛纳国际创意节颁奖典礼登台领奖。同时被授予未来狮奖杯,受邀参加创意节所有活动。

The five winning ideas will be celebrated on stage at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on 21 June 2017 in the Debussy Theatre at Les Palais des Festivals. The winners will receive the prestigious Future Lions trophy, and full access to the Festival.

除个人奖项外,具有最多入围作品的院校将被被评选为年度未来狮学院,延续过去三年瑞典斯德哥尔摩贝戈斯传媒学院(Berghs School of Communication)的所获殊荣。

Alongside the individual awards, the school with the highest number of shortlisted entries will be recognised as the Future Lions School of the Year, an honour that has gone to Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden for the last three years. 


To learn more about the 2017 Future Lions competition and how to enter, please visit

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