Weekly AD|adidas x Jam3 x PUSH MEDIA

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:adidas Agency 代理商:Jam3 Creative Director 代理商创意: Jonas Emmertsen, Dirk van Ginkel, Victoire Douy Agency Producer 代理商制片:  Yanyie Tran, Kim Do Executive Producer 监制:Ray Fu Producer 制片:Effy Qiu Line Producer 执行制片: Xiaofeng Zhang 张小枫 Production 制作公司:PUSH MEDIA Director 导演:叶子 DoP 摄影指导:盛一峰 … »

Raw and Truthful: Roni Shao’s Directing Path|原生与真诚:邵黎俊的导演之路

邵黎俊 Roni Shao https://www.ronishao.com/ Shanghai-based director Roni Shao never had a formal education in commercial filmmaking. Still, he worked on projects for Nike, was in charge of celebrity relations at Adidas, and produced documentary films for VICE. Now, under his … »

High Horse Studios Weaves a Grid for adidas | HHS编织阿迪达斯网格新世界

HHS’s adidas “Deerupt – Weaving a Simple Grid” spot garnered 7.5+ million views in its first 3 days online. 阿迪达斯“Deerupt以简出格”视频发布三天内即获超750万点击量 Shanghai-based boutique production house High Horse Studios (HHS) partnered with HYPEBEAST to create a film for the adidas Deerupt sneaker, … »

Ad fail– Columbia? Colombia! | 乌龙!阿迪达斯把哥伦比亚给拼错了

阿迪达斯为哥伦比亚足球队刊登的广告摆了个天大的乌龙:他们把哥伦比亚的国名给拼错了。 阿迪达斯赞助哥伦比亚男子足球队已经有x年了,任何智商正常的人大概都不会犯这种低级的失误,但是阿迪偏要不走寻常路,硬生生把给哥伦比亚改了个名字——Columbia。Columbia究竟是什么呢?它是一家户外用品公司,一所位于纽约市内的常春藤名校,密苏里州的一座城市,华盛顿哥伦比亚特区……但偏偏就不是哥伦比亚这个国家。 Adidas’ new ad for Colombia’s national football team’s new jerseys made an epic failure in spelling the name of the country wrong. Given the fact that Adidas had sponsored Colombia’s football team since 2011 (this time – they … »

Keep It All Original | 阿迪达斯让你本色出演

Following the impressive “All Originals Represent” campaign in 2012, Adidas Originals was back this September with an even bigger, bolder one. The campaign, which features the hashtag #thisisme, is a statement of self-expression, individualism and originality. Colourful, vibrant, short and … »

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