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阿迪达斯三叶草NMD系列宣传片重磅来袭 | adidas Originals’ NMD_R2 campaign is worth a look




The sportswear market in China is forecasted to reach 28.4 billion USD by next year according to Euromonitor.  A part of this explosive growth in China’s sportswear market comes from the proliferation of active wear in peoples’ everyday life.


The adidas Originals’ NMD_R2 shoe release is a perfect example of a sportswear brand targeting this growing urban demographic.  Pairing with the digital integrated marketing communications agency Amber, the campaign was created with ‘the urban explorer’ in mind, a term coined by the campaign creators.

宣传活动在阿迪达斯三叶草微信公众号上进行推广,纸媒广告也附加了微信二维码,扫一扫就可以直接转到微信上。其中,视频拍摄部分是琥珀传播Amber 跟制作公司Ores 合作完成的,动态影像部分则是跟The Hype合作完成的。广告片在北上广和成都四个城市取景。

The campaign is advertised through adidas Originals’ WeChat and QR codes in print ads that allow consumers to directly scan and enter adidas Originals’ NMD endless evolution WeChat experience.  For the film footage and motion graphics Amber worked with Ores production company and The Hype, respectively. The campaign features four main cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

BK NMD.pic

SH NMD.pic

GZ NMD_.pic

Chengdu NMD_.pic


Consumers start the journey by selecting an adidas shoe, with the potential of winning the pair they choose at the end of the campaign. The next set of GIFs is a series of lifestyle shots taken of the selected KOLS in the four cities where the campaign was shot.  In the last stage of the experience the consumer is given the option to insert their own urban lifestyle footage into the stream of photos, leaving the feeling that their life is being added into a larger compilation of like-minded urban explorers.

琥珀传播隶属于利欧数字网络(LEO Digital Network),这是一家充满着新鲜血液,创新十足的公司。今年琥珀传播再次成功打造了三叶草宣传广告。创意团队标新立异,阿迪达斯也愿意让他们尝试冒险。广州的关键意见领袖是一个屋顶摄影师,她无所畏惧爬到高楼上拍摄,创意人员Maurice Latzke说,他们也是费了一番周折才能在预算内找到这个适合拍摄的屋顶。爬上了屋顶后,却遭到了保安阻挠,最后他们给了保安1000块小费,最终才得以继续拍摄。这位屋顶摄影师最终站到了金属脚手架边上,想要捕捉到这一完美画面,当时Latzke紧张到不行,生怕她摔下去。出色完成这样一部广告片也验证了品牌跟广告公司相互信任有多重要,而且还增进了彼此的信任。

Amber, which is part of the larger LEO Digital Network, is an agency touted for its young blood and innovative campaigns.  This is the second year in a row Amber has successfully completed an award winning digital campaign for adidas Originals.  The creatives from Amber on this campaign appreciate the creative risks the brand has allowed them to take.  While shooting in Guangzhou, Senior Creative Art Director Maurice Latzke, recalls the adventure of finding available rooftops to shoot Stella, the rooftopper KOL.  After breaking onto one rooftop the team was interrupted by several security guards who finally let them use the space after finagling a fee of 1,000 RMB.  When the roof-topper took her place prancing on the edge of metal scaffolding while the photographer made suggestions to capture the perfect image, Latzke remembers holding his breath thinking for a second “what if she falls”? Successfully completing a campaign like this certainly tests and strengthens the trust between brand and agency.



This sort of bond may be just the small edge that is needed to stay relevant in China’s fiercely competitive sportswear market.  To stay ahead of the competition and appease its more selective, youthful consumer, adidas Originals relies on Amber’s digital prowess and Amber puts its trust in the adidas Originals brand team’s market research and feedback.  In the NMD campaign, after understanding adidas Originals’ goals, Amber decided to embed each link leading to the next experience directly into the WeChat platform.  This allowed the campaign to load efficiently on any phone, which converted into less loading time and a more seamless user experience.  With thousands of brands vying for each consumers’ attention, these sorts of tweaks and small details can make a huge difference.


The campaign officially launched April 6th and runs to the end of April.  There will be more KOL experiences added to the WeChat platform.  Already there has been more than a million visitors to the campaign landing page. According to Amber as of current results from the campaign, adidas Originals’ fan base grew by 40,253 people in three weeks and there were over 56 million media impressions made from the campaign so far.


If the China sportswear market holds true to its growth predictions, adidas Originals and Amber are for the moment in a prime position.  Of course, the Chinese market and consumer is far from static. For adidas to maintain its current status as the number two sportswear brand in China it will take even more out-of-the-box campaigns and ideas, digital or otherwise.

City KOL

广告公司参与人员 | Agency Credits

首席创意官 | Chief Creative Officer: CK Tan

执行创意总监 | Executive Creative Director: Mark Kong

资深美术指导 |  Senior Art Director: Maurice Latzke

创意总监 | Senior Creative Director: Menu Tsai

设计 | Designer: EC Chao

编辑 | Copywriter: Min Hu

制片公司参与人员 | Production Credits

Ores Group

后期公司参与人员 | Post Production Credits

The Hype by Pixomondo

执行创意总监 |  Executive Creative Director: Aslan Malik

亚光绘画 |  Matte Painting Lead (Pixomondo, Beijing): Joker Huang

亚光绘画概念设计 |  Matte Painting, Concept Artist (Pixomondo, Beijing): Xing Liu



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