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Ad fail– Columbia? Colombia!




Adidas’ new ad for Colombia’s national football team’s new jerseys made an epic failure in spelling the name of the country wrong.

Given the fact that Adidas had sponsored Colombia’s football team since 2011 (this time – they also sponsored in the 80s.) you think they would know how to spell the country’s name correctly. But nope, they still wrote Columbia (in large GLARING letters,) which is a world famous sportswear company, a top university in New York, a city in Missouri, Washington District of Columbia… but not ColOmbia the country.



Colombia had been misspelled many times in official statements and even more in private. Now wonder someone commented that the easiest way to piss off a Colombian is to spell the country’s name incorrectly. (The ads, by the way, have now been corrected.)

CIJmqqKVEAMn35IESPN把哥伦比亚也拼错了|ESPN misspelling Colombia

Steve Harvey美国著名笑星Steve Harvey在推特上把哥伦比亚拼错了|American comidian Steve Harvey’s tweet misspelling


Talking about epic fails, here is another billboard that went terribly wrong…


(最新英汉词典:Pubic——adj. 耻骨的;阴毛的;阴部的)

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