GOODZILLA Brings an Outdoor Concert to the Arctic Circle 意类广告将一场室外音乐会带到北极圈

What did it take to shoot a commercial video in extreme cold? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the new work for Tmall Super Brand Day. 在极端严寒中拍一部商业广告需要什么?看看这个天猫超级品牌日的新广告的幕后花絮吧。 How do you strengthen the «professional image» of the brand which, over its 43-year history, … »

Director Wang Li Min Gets The Adrenaline Going in the New Skoda Films | “快乐是……”要刺激和折腾的——导演王砺珉打造斯柯达全新晶锐广告片

贞观(Possible Film)制作与上海年青导演王砺珉再度合作,在五天时间内为斯柯达全新晶锐完成了三部玩味十足的全新宣传片。Possible Film worked with young local director Wang Limin again on these three new films for Skoda new Fabia with crazy visuals. … »

Seeing Red With YSL’s Latest Ad Campaign | YSL的"危险红唇“

“就像坏男人有他不可抵挡的吸引力一样,危险的女人同样有着致命的诱惑。YSL的红就有着这样的‘危险’和‘魅力’。” Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Danger Red’ lipstick campaign has been setting loins astir with a concept that’s aimed at evoking passion, temptation, love and desire. … »

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