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GOODZILLA Brings an Outdoor Concert to the Arctic Circle 意类广告将一场室外音乐会带到北极圈


What did it take to shoot a commercial video in extreme cold? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the new work for Tmall Super Brand Day. 在极端严寒中拍一部商业广告需要什么?看看这个天猫超级品牌日的新广告的幕后花絮吧。

How do you strengthen the «professional image» of the brand which, over its 43-year history, basically turned into a synonym for a down jacket?


In the new Bosideng video for Tmall Super Brand Day held on December 23rd, you won’t hear slogans or pushy product information, or see a star ambassador overcoming outdoor challenges in the cold, or any other typical attributes.


The video shows the real product in action, and does so with class – during a symphonic concert show with a beautiful snowy landscape as the background.


The team received the brief at the end of September, and mulled over different ideas for an «Extreme Cold Challenge» for some time. Inspiration struck when the song by Fei Xiang «A Fire in Winter» from a Spring Festival Gala 30 years ago surfaced. It was decided — being such a good fit for the theme of the commercial film, this song will be given new life in a symphonic orchestra adaptation.


GOODZILLA didn’t go the easy way in choosing Murmansk, a city in the far northwest part of Russia, as the shooting location. Apart from needing to excavate though the snow with heavy machinery to get to the perfect location, the team had to do the shoots with only four hours of daylight. This also meant a lot of waiting around in the cold for the good light to shoot, while the batteries of gadgets ran out fast.


The musicians from the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, the main protagonists of the commercial film, had to endure a lot. Warming wind instruments so they didn’t freeze to their mouths after rehearsing with only imagination because the instruments were delayed in heavy snow were just a few of the challenges of this shoot.


True to its name, this commercial film really was a challenge in the extreme cold, but it achieved the goal of enhancing the brand’s image with creativity and realistic action.




Client 客户: Tmall Super Brand Day 天猫超品/ Bosideng 波司登

Agency 代理: GOODZILLA 意类

Production 制作方: Movesight 上海动观

Producers 制片人:Tong Chao童超, Ian

Director 导演: Wang Limin (王砺珉)

Camera 摄影师 : Xi Bings 席冰


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