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Seeing Red With YSL’s Latest Ad Campaign


“就像坏男人有他不可抵挡的吸引力一样,危险的女人同样有着致命的诱惑。YSL的红就有着这样的‘危险’和‘魅力’。” YSL最新Campaign“危险红唇”的创意兼导演王砺珉为我们解读了“危险”是如何诞生的。 在这个分为三部曲的网络短片系列里,首先上演的是一月份发布的 “电梯篇”,在镜头前具有摄人魅力的韩国名模刘智安一出现就秒杀全场,完美地演绎了“危险”的化身。在上周发布的第二部“酒吧篇”则多了一位追逐“危险”的男人——当然,也只有万人迷的欧巴才胆敢玩这样的冒险游戏,他就是YSL亚洲代言人 Rain。


电梯与酒吧可能是都市内最容易产生 “危(Yan)险(Yu)”的地点:“电梯是一个狭小的空间,但(片中的电梯)复古老式,有质感的铁门,不断闪现的灯光,都有一种神秘和性感在里面,配合红色的嘴唇非常有冲击力。” 王导说:“酒吧本身就是一个有着很多故事的场景,你可能在酒吧里遇上一个擦肩而过、却让你久久不能忘怀的女人,这样的空间是能让你有很多想象的。”

三部短片要在首尔用一天的时间完成,这个看似不可能完成的任务却取得意想不到的漂亮效果。特别是临时发挥的“电梯篇”: “本来电梯说的是Rain和刘智安两个人的故事,因为我们拍摄超时了,无法拍摄到Rain的镜头,才会有了这一段刘智安的个人表演。但我觉得现在的结果我还是挺满意的,她很适合这样的空间和形式。”

片中以绝大多数时候的黑白色调烘托出YSL那一抹的烈焰红唇。这样的风格让人联想到“一人有一点颜色”(Pleasantville)和“辛德勒的名单”这些经典的电影。毕业于伦敦电影学院的王导对于风格流派的运用自有其心得:“我一直很想尝试Film Noir(黑色电影)的形式,而且觉得很适合这次Campaign,它让女人显得更加的‘危险’”。“黑色电影”里,“危险美女”几乎是一个固定的角色。 除了对画面的尝试,王导对广告的快节奏把控精准,摇滚的音乐和紧凑的剪辑, 立体地打造了一种前卫的国际时尚范。

在趣的是,“酒吧篇”本来是可以再“危险一点”的。在导演版里,女主角更挑逗地把唇膏抹到了嘴唇的上方,抹成了两根翘胡子的样子,特别像《V先生》(V for Vendetta)面具上那两抹别有含义的小胡子。不过据说,这个大胆的版本最后还是没有获得YSL的垂青,那就让我们独家奉上这个我们认为更有意思的版本吧!





Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Danger Red’ lipstick campaign has been setting loins astir with a concept that’s aimed at evoking passion, temptation, love and desire. Who better to personify ‘flirting with danger’ than Rain, Korea’s top pop sensation? He had been selected by the L’Oreal Group to be this year’s face of strength and sensuality for the Asia market, specifically Chinese-speaking countries. Directed by Chinese director Wang Limin who is known for his high-profile commercial work with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chivas, Adidas and Uniqlo, he was approached by YSL to pick his brain for ideas. In the end, Wang took the lead in becoming the primary creative force behind the project by multi-tasking as director and writer and putting together the entire production team.

导演王砺珉完成了一天拍三条短片的“不可能任务”。Director Wang Limin on set.

The timely release of three commercial episodes featuring Rain and sultry Korean model, Yoo Ji Ann couldn’t be more apt with the advent of Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t the typical rose petal or chocolate box romance that drives the trilogy. ‘Danger Red’ like its name suggests, is about defying convention – to simultaneously shock and seduce. Provocation is what inspired Wang to work in film noir. The only flush of colour depicted is Yoo’s red-hot lips, bringing to mind similar cinematography in motion pictures Pleasantville and Schindler’s List, where colour symbolizes transformation of an otherwise dull black-and-white existence. For Wang, it is the fatal and inexplicable attraction that is inherent in the red that influenced his elevator and club scenes. Wang chose a small vintage elevator with the intent of building the mystery between Rain and Yoo. Owing to limited time, he filmed only Yoo who in turn successfully delivered the air of elusiveness in such a narrow space.

In the end, Yoo’s solo performance makes for a great transition to the club episode with Rain embarking on a wild goose chase of Yoo through a the smokey underground. His tenacious pursuit proves fruitless and we’re left with a glimpse of Yoo rouging her lips before disappearing into the crowd. What is more intriguing is Wang’s alternate version of this same scene with Yoo drawing her lipstick above the lip, literally ‘drawing outside the lines’. She brandishes the upward curl of a moustache that is at once reminiscent of the Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante in V for Vendetta. Needless to say, the subversive moment didn’t make the cut. YSL thought it misleading and incongruous with the brand image. An irony, perhaps? But a super cool spot, nonetheless.

To know more about director Wang Limin, read SHP+ exclusive interview with him here. 

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