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MIC Lee Juggles Music and Post Houses for BMW Film


MIC’s Executive Director Lee Cheng has spent the past six months putting together a film on the BMW M3 and M4. It’s been a large investment of time and money, working with one music houses and two post production houses, all for a film that’s being released exclusively online.

Nevertheless, Lee thinks and, we agree, it has all been worthwhile – creating one of the first and best China-produced ads to utilize CGI on this level.


In addition to more conventional shots of the cars racing in super slow-mo and showing off a racing car-style steering wheel gear shifter, the film uses CGI to illustrate the chemical processes that go into the cars’ high tech materials. To create this amazing imagery MIC began by engaging an Amsterdam post house Glass Works, who have a reputation for producing convincing images of worlds that are invisible to the naked eye. In the final film, we see molecules linking and exploding, forming nano-sized particles which shatter like ice, morph into a textured weave, are covered in a translucent goop. In a final zoom out, these materials are revealed to constitute the roof of a blue BMW M3.

Glass Works ultimately dropped out of the project. The post house that took over and completed the project was LIGA, from Hamburg.

MIC also worked with GUM (Green Untied Music) in Shanghai to create the film’s rich soundscapes, which include an orchestral score, plus SFX including fizzes, explosions, collisions and the sound of shattering.

Once again, 6 months worth spending efforts – jiayou MIC.

Client: BMW M3 and M4
Production: MIC (Made in China)
Executive Producer: Lee Cheng 李澄
Music: Green United Music
Post Production: Glass Works, LIGA



当然,广告不乏司空见惯的赛车和超慢镜头来炫耀赛车式的转换档等经典场面。不过片子最特别之处,是开片时用CG描绘了高科技材料转换成汽车部件的整个化学过程。 一气呵成的画像转换让人惊叹。MIC最初选择的是阿姆斯特丹的后期公司Glass Works,这家公司创作的影像以高防真而闻名,甚至达到了肉眼难辩真假的程度。广告里,我们看到了分子链的形成与爆炸,之后形成纳米分子般的微颗,接着被粉碎成冰,再演变成编织物般的纹理,然后被泛着油光的粘性液体所覆盖。最后镜头“唰”一声地拉远,原来前面一连串的画面成像的蓝色宝马M3车顶的某一部分的材料。真心的够迂回!

由于档期的原因,Glass Works在中途退出了项目。最终接手完成的是汉堡的后期制作公司LIGA。

除了出色的CGI以外,非常值得一提还有本片丰富的音效,由刚在上海成立了办公室的法国公司GUM(Green Untied Music)完成。一分半钟的广告以管弦配乐为背景,紧凑地配上了各种模拟声音:液体起泡的嘶嘶声、分子碰撞、爆炸的砰砰声和清脆的冰块碎裂等等刺激的音效。


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