Verawom Launches Cosmic Kitchen For Robam | 老板电器太空漫游

太空题材的科幻类型广告片最近在中国广告圈大受追捧,从豆瓣到墨迹天气的广告都采用了这一类型。在上海广告公司Verawom为老板电器打造的广告中,我们又一次看到了这一主题的成功运用。 这则广告仿佛受到Lurpak黄油的Adventure Awaits广告的启发,在上海录点和PO朝霆制作打造的库布里克般的太空世界中,结合同步音乐略带蓝调的背景音乐的运用,将观众从充满油烟的厨房带入了一个魔幻般浪漫的太空世界,在厨房中肆意遨游,在不同食材之间穿梭搜寻。 The epic majesty of outer space is currently a popular setting for Chinese advertising, with notable recent campaigns for Douban and Mo Weather’s lunar Olympics.  A new spot for kitchen appliance company Robam by Shanghai agency Verawom … »

Verawom Switches It Up For Bull | Verawom点亮公牛开关

Verawom’s dynamic new musical spot for client Bull Electric casts the spotlight onto the humble light switch. Under the tagline “Bring differences to Life”, the film transforms Bull’s switches into percussion instruments, performing a bubblegum pop song written by musician … »

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