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Verawom Switches It Up For Bull


Verawom’s dynamic new musical spot for client Bull Electric casts the spotlight onto the humble light switch. Under the tagline “Bring differences to Life”, the film transforms Bull’s switches into percussion instruments, performing a bubblegum pop song written by musician and spot director Sha Weiqi.



Ni Ranran, Hu Shasha and Liu Heng (from L to R)|从左至右起:倪冉冉,胡莎莎,刘恒


The agency drew inspiration from the array of online films featuring songs made with everyday objects, including a 2013 percussion piece by five US students playing only Starbucks cups. Verawom ECD Cai Meng explains their approach, “We wanted something extreme, something that really stands out. During our brainstorm, we discovered that the switching sounds varied depending on the material and the pressure applied. It called to mind the cup performances we had seen online, so we decided to use switches as percussion.”


Starbucks’ Cup Song|星巴克杯子歌

The Bull spot isn’t Verawom’s first foray into musical filmmaking.  Last year they created a music video-style commercial using mashed-up footage for the fast-food franchise Dicos, featuring the single Ordinary Dicos, adopted from the similarly named song ‘Ordinary Disco’.  The spot received over 700,000 hits and 100 comments on BiliBili, a Chinese online video website.  However, with the music connected directly with Bull’s product, Cai considers the commercial to be more ‘pure’ than their previous work.



Having worked with celebrities on previous commercials Love Wood (Feng Tang) and Heart and Hands (Jonathan Lee), Verawom once again employed star names for Bull.

Spot director Sha Weiqi is a respected figure for his work producing songs for Chinese pop star Stringer, and previously collaborated with Verawom, directing the New Balance’s commercial “Change a place, make a difference”. Sha spent a week composing the song before bringing in a trio of musician friends to perform it: jazz singer-songwriter and Song of China contestant Hu Shasha, China’s top percussionist Liu Heng (China NCPA Orchestra Assistant Principal Percussionist) and his musician girlfriend Ni Ranran.  Impressively, the track was recorded live on-set and cleaned up in post.



Founded in 2009, Shanghai-based Verawom’s began to attract serious attention in 2012 with their campaign for perfumed water brand Liu Shen, before going on to work with big brand names including WangSteak and New Balance. 

The spot marks a significant step in the agency’s ambition to break into the international market. Cai is keen to emphasise the importance of concepts capable of transcending cultural barriers, “The commercial we used to make, like Heart and Hands or Love Wood, were targeting mainly Chinese audiences. The influence on foreign market is limited by cultural and language differences. No one knows Jonathan Lee. Without subtitles, no one would even understand what the video is talking about. Whereas an international language like music is much more acceptable to people from different cultures.”



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