Dystopian worlds of Chinese advertising|中国广告的反乌托邦世界

The pandemic may have influenced Chinese advertising industry in unexpected way. Short format advertising films featuring alternative worlds, men falling in love with virtual women or humans with wings building modern worlds are the dystopian themes of several recent commercials … »

Golden Lion’s Highest Wins | 金狮奖的最高奖项

Golden Lion International Advertising Awards Ceremony took place the day before at the welcoming Bellagio Hotel in Shanghai. After several months of adjustments, from major postponement of original dates of March 4th to July 21st and installing of a remote judging process, … »

GOODZILLA Brings an Outdoor Concert to the Arctic Circle 意类广告将一场室外音乐会带到北极圈

What did it take to shoot a commercial video in extreme cold? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the new work for Tmall Super Brand Day. 在极端严寒中拍一部商业广告需要什么?看看这个天猫超级品牌日的新广告的幕后花絮吧。 How do you strengthen the «professional image» of the brand which, over its 43-year history, … »

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