Weekly AD |「这都算KEEP」Keep x KARMA x Shooting Gallery Asia

Keep x KARMA x Shooting Gallery Asia CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Keep Agency 代理:KARMA Production 制作公司:Shooting Gallery Asia 上海魔术棒摄影有限公司 Director 导演:徐王良 EP 监制:Star Hu DOP 摄影师:刘良玉 Gaffer 灯光师:郭飞 Offline & Online:FEEL POST Colorist 调色:Node 3 Studio Mixing 混音:Fantasy Music Studio  


MEET YOUR NEXT CLIENT AT CICLOPE ASIA!  With your ticket you will have access to the Fresh Market and the Service Market, CICLOPE Festival’s exclusive networking gatherings. There, you will have the chance to meet agencies and production companies looking … »

Final Frontier’s Intergalactic Battle Epic for Acer | 宏碁的史诗星战

Final Frontier’s new collaboration with We Are Social Shanghai is an Intergalactic battle epic promoting Acer’s Predator range of gaming hardware, directed by Paulo Garcia and Zombie Studio. Final Frontier终极先锋和上海We Are Social工作室最新合作一部星际战争史诗片,由Paulo Garcia和Zombie工作室执导,旨在推广宏碁的掠夺者Predator系列游戏硬件产品。 The concept needed to specifically sell the Predator … »

Weekly AD |「快快快 快让一切好起来」Dulux 多乐士 x SocialLab 环时互动 x 田春鹏

Dulux 多乐士 x SocialLab 环时互动 x 田春鹏 CREDITS 工作人员 Client 客户:Dulux 多乐士 Agency 代理:SocialLab 环时互动 Executive producer 监制:田春鹏 Director 导演:田春鹏 陈朦 Rroducer 制片人:赵烨 田春莹 DOP 摄影:刘贝尔 Gaffer 灯光:王国永 Art美术:孙立超 Editor 剪辑:郝永康 Sound designer 声音设计:郝永康 Post productior 后期:麻新月 巩建磊 Colorist 调色:景程

Dunlop – Run Towards Challenge | 邓禄普 – 向前路 不停步

Tennis superstar Wang Qiang highlights how Dunlop Tires can elevate performance in their latest film. Directed by the celebrated JB Lee, Dentsu Shanghai and Gwantsi Shanghai teamed with MPC to create a full CG 360-degree world. MPC团队与李静波导演、上海观池、上海电通合作,为邓禄普轮胎打造出一部恢弘巨作。此影片是以国内知名网球运动员王蔷为主角,MPC创作出360度的三维世界,来为大家展现出邓禄普是如何最大限度得提升你的表现和发挥。 With an ever-evolving … »

Even bad traveling can be good publicity | 还不错的旅行 不一样的惊喜

The latest China Airlines campaign from Taiwan took the internet by storm with their commercial#WhatTravelBringsToYou. 台湾中华航空公司的最新广告“旅行给你带来了什么”在网上掀起了风暴。 The new ad, which has attracted 6 million views on YouTube and 9 million views on Chinese social media, took an innovative approach to … »


DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER! 别再犹豫了! On Thursday 5th September, CICLOPE Asia gets back to Tokyo to recognize the most well-crafted commercials and music videos in Asia-Pacific. 9月5日,周四,亚洲CICLOPE重新回到东京举办,将评选出亚太地区最佳的商业广告和音乐视频。 There are 18 categories in the competition: Direction, Production Design, Writing, Animation, Casting, … »

Join Vision to celebrate new partnership!

With the huge growth in the Chinese advertising and film industry over the last 10 years the market has also been a great venue for post production companies to showcase incredible talent, skill and artistry. Two post-production companies, Vision and … »

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