Milka Chocolate Brought to Life by MPC | 妙卡巧克力焕然新生

In a new series of spots for Milka, director Eddie Li, creative agency Ogilvy Shanghai and MPC Shanghai came together to design a CG world from scratch and tell three stories of a chocolate character on a path of self-improvement. 在为妙卡(Milka)设计的新一季影片中,影片导演Eddie Li、影片创意机构——上海奥美与MPC 上海一同打造了一个全新的实拍世界,并讲述了三个不同巧克力人物的自我提升的故事。   The … »

Weekly AD |「 2019#经典由你」PUMA x  Y&R shanghai  x  Stink

PUMA x  Y&R shanghai  x  Stink   Credits 制片团队 Client | 客户:PUMA 彪马 Creative Agency | 创意代理商: Y&R shanghai 扬·罗必凯 上海 Production Company | 制作公司: Stink Director | 导演: Jovan Spokesman | 代言人:Yang Yang 杨洋 Music production company | 音乐制作公司: KERSOUND STUDIOS

Weekly AD |「 不用看」喜马拉雅FM x KARMA 颉摩广告 x Shooting Gallery Asia 上海魔术棒摄影有限公司

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-5807 aligncenter” src=”×209.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”209″ /> <p style=”text-align: center;”> </p> <h6 style=”text-align: center;”>喜马拉雅FM x KARMA 颉摩广告 x Shooting Gallery Asia 上海魔术棒摄影有限公司</h6> <section class=””><section><section><section> <hr /> <h4>Credits 制片团队</h4> </section><section></section></section></section></section><section class=””><section><section>Client | 客户:喜马拉雅FM Creative Agency | 创意代理商: KARMA 颉摩广告 Production Company | 制作公司: Shooting … »


With founding members from across the globe, #OWNED is an association of women-owned companies operating in the advertising production industry. The main idea behind #OWNED is to have an organized international resource which will allow brands and clients to have … »

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