Weekly AD |「菲同寻常的贺礼」​INFINITI x Chizuru studio x LIMIN WANG

INFINITI 英菲尼迪 x Chizuru studio 上海千鹤文化 x LIMIN WANG 王砺珉 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:INFINITI QX50 英菲尼迪 Production 制作商: Chizuru studio 上海千鹤文化 Producer 制片人: GANGQIANG DAI 戴刚强 Director 导演: LIMIN WANG 王砺珉 Music 音乐: audioforce Colorist 调色:Craft Creation VFX Studio:SIX STUDIO … »

Weekly AD |「蓝天白云 定会如期而至」宝马BMW x TBWA x 熙雍文化​ XIYONG

宝马BMW x TBWA x  熙雍文化 XIYONG CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:BMW 宝马 Agency 代理:TBWA Production 制作公司:熙雍文化 XIYONG Director 导演:杨玥 Executive Producer 监制:王腾 DOP 摄影:杨玥、冯百钦、高帆、李博 Producer 制作人:巴涛 Voice 声音:易烊千玺 Colorist 调色:YAO COLORGRADING Online 精剪:陈宏 TC:光耀 Mix 混音:小宝  

Weekly AD |「2020,你用什么打电话?」OPPO x SG+胜加 x 匀禾文化Smooth

OPPO x SG+胜加 x 匀禾文化Smooth CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:OPPO Agency 代理:SG+ 胜加 Creative 创意:一九 Production 制作公司:匀禾文化Smooth Thailand Production support 泰国制作支持:Cloud 9 films Director 导演:马林 DOP 摄影:沈杨 Art Director 美术指导:赫阳 Editor 剪辑:宋阳 Music 音乐:Chris Online :A-Post

Kitchen Dilemma|厨房困局

Rapid development of takeout platforms and the usual exhausting work rhythm increasingly make kitchens the least used space in homes of young Chinese urbanites. Add overall small apartment space and we’re facing a tempting question: do modern homes still need … »

Weekly AD |「塔什库尔干旅游形象」葫芦文化 x 仰山映画​

新疆塔什库尔干塔吉克自治县 x 葫芦文化 x 仰山映画 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:新疆塔什库尔干塔吉克自治县 Agency 代理:葫芦文化 Production 制作方:仰山映画 Director 导演:邱晨 DOP 摄影师:王福民 Producer 制片:刘帛昊 Editor 剪辑:李士跃 徐浩川 Colorist 调色:黄一锋  

STARTFilms & GOODZILLA live freely …

While the shooting regulations in China haven’t allowed the industry to come back to «business as usual» just yet, this month the commercial film scene has surely livened up. Finally, new films have started to appear, even though the recent … »

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