Digital Domain China Presents Its 3InFocus | Digital Domain China作品三部曲

2016年年初,PO朝霆两大创始人杨文杰和谢霆锋把公司大部分股份出售给了香港上市公司数字王国集团有限公司(Digital Domain Holdings),中国最大规模的后期制作公司就此成立,更名为数字王国中国公司(Digital Domain China)。 In early 2016, Post Production Office (PO) founders Dennis Yeung and Nicholas Tse sold more than half of the company to Hong Kong-listed firm Digital Domain Holdings, creating one of the largest postproduction companies in … »

Oculus VR To Showcase Rift in Shanghai | Oculus Rift上海展示会

Oculus, the manufacturers of the Rift and Gear VR headsets, are showcasing both products in Shanghai this Saturday in a rare demo session. Oculus’ Shanghai office explains,  “If you’re curious about how Oculus works, or eager to learn the technology … »

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