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Golden Lion’s Highest Wins | 金狮奖的最高奖项


Golden Lion International Advertising Awards Ceremony took place the day before at the welcoming Bellagio Hotel in Shanghai. After several months of adjustments, from major postponement of original dates of March 4th to July 21st and installing of a remote judging process, the award show went off without a hitch.


Cannes Lions, as well as a number of other major festivals and award shows may have been postponed or cancelled this year, but the Chinese ad industry has still moved ahead with selecting its best of the best. With a goal to celebrate the most relevant achievements of the year, in terms of creativity and production, the Golden Lion have emerged as one of the most important competitive awards in China. While at the same time, serving as a barometer of the current Chinese advertisement scene, while also reflecting the exciting changes taking place in it.


We sincerely congratulate all the companies and creatives, distinguished by Golden Lion for their great work. Here’s who scooped up some of the gold awards at the ceremony event:


Best Production最佳制作


“The Pinewood Giant & The Germ Kingdom”, a fairy-tale style commercial film for Dettol, directed by Kevin Lee, brought gold in Best Production category for MSE (动观).

上海动观(MSE)为滴露制作的, 由Kevin Lee指导的童话风格商业电影《松林巨人和细菌王国》,夺得金奖。

Best Commercial Film 最佳商业片


“8000km-long runway” was recogniesed as Best Commercial Film, envisioned by Goodzilla and produced by START Films for Jack & Jones.

杰克琼斯天猫超级品牌日 -《8000km T台秀》,由Goodzilla代理、START Films制作。

Best Director 最佳导演


Having beaten the competition of directors like Zhang Dapeng, and Wang Yucheng, who received silver awards, Ding Yuchen was recognized as Best Director for his Union Pay mini film “The Last transfer of Western Tang Empire”. Liao Yiyuan also received gold award for another Union Pay work titled “Winter of Pujie”.

丁雨晨(Ding Yuchen)凭借中国银联迷你电影《大唐漠北的最后一次转账》,击败了张大鹏、王羽成等获得银奖的导演,获得了金奖。廖义源(Liao Yiyuan)还获得了另一项银联作品《普杰的冬天》的金奖。

Best DOP 最佳摄影导演

Feng Baiqin received gold award in Best DoP category for QQ 20th anniversary commercial “Timecode”.

冯百钦(Feng Baiqin)为QQ 20周年广告片《时间密码》。

Best Color Grade 最佳调色

MPC Shanghai scooped the gold award in Best Colod Grade category for their work on Durex “Step Forward” spot.


Best Music 最佳音乐

Peng Meng was recognised with gold award in Best Music category for soundtrack to Pepsi “Heart of the Family”


Best VFX 最佳视觉特效

Polish 3D & Visual Effects company JUICE, that is soon to open a Shanghai representative office, won gold in Best VFX category for their Cinema Sunshine -《Transphere》work.


Best Animation 最佳动画片

Stop animation spot “Soy’s Adventure” by SPARK was recognised as Best Animation.


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