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Father’s Day Combo 父亲节的广告故事


Beclouded by Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was never a big deal in China. However, the holiday has picked up in recent years, and advertising agencies are seizing the occasion to create elaborate film scripts.


These last few years we have seen a handful of commercials using storytelling. Despite being an essential tool to make advertisements memorable, the genre had hardly existed in China until only a number of years ago.


Here are three examples of Father’s Day films brightly using storytelling to touch audiences on a human level, incite consumers’ instinct, and, consequently, marvel those in the advertising industry.


Huawei’s story jumps between past and present to explore a father’s perspective and relationship with his daughter. The director interviewed members of the Huawei team about their family stories to create a multifaceted and relatable father figure. The ending is both touching and funny, highlighting the smartphone’s built-in feature to erase photobombers.


Huawei 华为


Agency 代理公司:HAVAS
Production 制作公司:WE PRODUCTIONS
Director 导演:Adam 亚当
DoP 摄影师:刘派

In a very similar plot, but from a daughter’s perspective, Honor (that’s owned by Huawei) also goes back and forth in time. The ad features a moody artist that exploits her father as a model for her drawing practice. In the end, she makes him a touching homage by using her tablet.


Honor 荣耀

Agency 代理公司:戎马
Production 制作公司:Red Horse Media
Director 导演:曾燕云
DoP 摄影师:辛伟

In a series of three spots, Oreo explores different types of fathers: the cooking-phobic one, the busy one, and the clumsy one. The brand sees in their cookies a point of connection between them and their children. In this commercial, there are no professional actors, and there was a lot of room for spontaneity and playfulness during the shootings.


Oreo 奥利奥

Agency 代理:Tianyukong(SH)上海天与空
Director 导演:余欢
DoP 摄影师:杨茗杰

May next year welcome the same excellence in Father’s Day storytelling — a newcomer combo in the Chinese ad universe.


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