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Did W+K Get Carried Away With New Ad?|惠普新广告略走偏


In an attempt to show benefits of playing video games, HP commissioned a campaign with video for the computer maker Omen. Does the film give the right impression?


Until recently, China held the title of the world’s largest gaming market. But, last year’s gaming freeze amid a regulatory crackdown on internet content and addiction changed that. Facing pressure from the Chinese state media and regulators over the epidemic of video game addiction, several companies like Tencent even introduced in tools to restrict minors playing time.


Considering these circumstances, it’s easy to see why an advert that plays up research-proven cognitive benefits of video games seems like a perfect match for the promotion of Omen’s line of gaming devices.


Using the line “The harder you fall, the stronger you rise”, two characters reminiscent of Buddhist monk mentors stroll around gamer training institute imbuing their wisdom on players.


We see rows of players deep in their meditation state, while others hover over their computers. It’s hard to say whether it’s the see-through heads with glowing brains of the characters, or the zombie-like looks of the players, but something is rather creepy about the film. Feels like the ad itself is almost a government warning against video game addition!



Agency: W+K Shanghai

Executive Creative Directors: Ian Toombs, Vivian Yong

Creative Director: Tree Chan

Copywriters: Nick Partyka, Christy Chen, Aier Xu, Raphael Valenti

Art Director: Follen Asee

Creative: César Farah, Matteo Marchionni

Designer: Frankr Ran, Meng Meng, Zhangzhe Peng

Executive Producer: Bernice Wong

Film Producer: Fang Yuan

Film Production Company: Hamlet / Riff Raff

Executive Producers: Jason Felstead, Ruben Goots

Director: The Sacred Egg

Producer: Jane Tredget

Director Of Photography: Benjamin Todd

Film Production Company In Shanghai : Filmate Shanghai

Executive Producer: Priscilla He

Producers: Sami Xia, Tim Zhang, Joe Shen

1st Assistant Director: Maxine Zhang

Art Director: Zorana

Assistant Art Director: Xiao Wei

Stylist: Wang Jian

Film Editorial Company: Cut+run London

Editor: Sam Bould

Film Post Production Company: MPC Shanghai

VFX Supervisor: Patrick Firmansyah

Executive Producer: Jamie Loudon

VFX Producer: Rachel Zhao

Animator: Ambalika Nandy

Audio House (london): Factory

Sound Design: Mark Hills & Jon Clarke

Audio House (shanghai): Big Knows

Executive Producer Big Knows: Arthur Monnet

Sound Supervisor & Sound Design Big Knows: Charles Monnet


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