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Chateaux and Chandeliers — Havas Shanghai Sells European Elegance



What’s so great about the French? To many Chinese, France represents style and elegance, something Havas Shanghai emphasizes in its spots for French car manufacturer Citroen. Sophie Marceau personified these qualities for the launch of the Citroen DS5. For the new DS 5LS high-end sedan, an ad entitled “Versailles Touch” was shot entirely in France with a handsome horse cantering through the streets of Paris and a magnificent palace.

The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, situated 55 kilometers southeast of the French capital, is one of the main locations used in the film. Built from 1658 to 1661, it is said that King Louis XII was so impressed after visiting that he invited the building’s three architects to design the Palace of Versailles. In 1875, Vaux Le Vicomte, an entrepreneur and art lover, invested a fortune to purchase the property at auction, with his family working to restore its original Baroque look. The cost of renting the building does not come cheap. According to PPI, the Shanghai-based production company that worked on the film, a single day’s rent runs into six digits in RMB.


The film’s director is Switzerland-based Damien Krisl, famous for his exquisite work on fashion and beauty ads. His work for a luxury watch brand vividly captured the magnificence of horses, which helped him win the contract with Citroen. While the 5LS is only available in China, production took place entirely in France, with a crew of 50 local filmmakers. Post production took over a month.

Although the script lacks appeal, the elaborate visuals and the authentic French elements will resonate with Chinese consumers.

Product: DS 5LS
Director: Damien Krisl
CD/Art Director: BEN SUN
CD/Writer: SAN SAN
AgencyProducer: JEFF GONG
Production Co: PPI Film
Producer: Anson Cheung, Apple Chow, Bosen Shen, Max Yang
DOP: Paul Mayers
Editor: Xiao Wei
VFX: Alex Brodie
Sound Design: Alex Oh
Location scout: Serge Desfilles

法式总是代表着情调。在CITREON旗下的法国传经大牌DS重投市场时,法式的典雅显然就显然成了卖点。从DS5请来韵味十足的国宝级明星苏菲玛索作为代言人,到现在新型号DS 5LS的新电视广告在法国的拍摄,DS瞄准了国内豪华高档轿车的市场。

坐落于巴黎西北近郊的子爵堡(Vaux Le Vicomte)是巴洛克建筑风格的代表,也是这次5SL“凡尔赛▪触摸篇”的拍摄地。兴建于1658年到1661年,据说路易十二在参观完这座的古堡后,被其设计深深震撼,于是请了设计子爵堡的三位设计来设计凡尔赛宫。作为前身的子爵堡也被称为“小凡尔赛宫”。1875年,热爱艺术的企业家Vaux Le Vicomte砸下巨资在竞标中获得古堡,并渐渐地恢复法国古典时代的面貌。 据这次的制作公司- 上海的PPI透露,这里一天的租用费高达六位数字。

本片的导演DAMIEN KRISL来自法国,擅长视觉华丽的时尚大片,他的作品画面唯美,节奏浪漫。在曾经执导的一个奢侈手表品牌广告里,成功以慢镜捕获出骏马的各种优雅姿态,让人印象深刻,也因此成功地被相中成为本片的导演。

DS 5LS虽然只投放中国这一个市场,但制作手笔却相当大。中法加起来近60位的拍摄人员、近三天的实景拍摄,一个多月的后期制作,穿梭在古堡、时髦的巴黎大街,还有名种骏马和法国香车,虽然脚本的故事性不强,但在人、车和景的华丽视觉里,它实现了有关法兰西国度的一切高上大。

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