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CG Drone Breathes Life Into the Creative of Rio’s New Ad
WE Productions以CG无人机捍卫锐澳新广告创意


The new spots for Rio mark a triumph over adversity for production company WE, who overcame significant obstacles and a tight schedule to create a series of slick, well-executed films.

The theme for the internet spots from agency 25 Hours was ‘Night Party’, and called for five 15-second videos and one long-form film, with only a month to deliver.

Most notable is the one-minute piece, which sees an army of drones swarming down on a night market, delivering China’s most popular bottled cocktail to grateful young revelers below.

You can understand the logic behind the creative. Drones are fashionable these days. Employed for everything from filmmaking and shooting events, to creating graffiti art, they’re even being used to transport humanitarian aid to people who lack basic human necessities, like water, blankets and now, alcopops.

The creative concept is risky though, for in spite of their current popularity, drones still carry with them some unfortunate negative associations, conjuring up images of clandestine military operations and invasive surveillance. Whether the film entirely succeeds in avoiding this danger is debatable.


The shoot took place on purpose-built night market in a film studio. Executive producer, Tanya Wu, explained why they didn’t use an existing market “Real night market streets are too dirty and messy, plus we would have difficulty controlling the crowd” adding “we didn’t want the film to look like a brand video. We needed a market that was visually appealing but didn’t lose the authenticity.”

Initially the plan was to ground the campaign in an offline event involving real life drones, only for the idea to be scuppered by the Health and Safety authorities, who decided dozens of rotor blade powered mini-choppers buzzing over a frenzied party crowd was inadvisable.

Two last-ditch preproduction meetings refocused the upcoming video to possess more of a documentary feel, explaining the decision to display a countdown and specific date at the beginning.

The troubled concept suffered another blow when it became apparent that the small ‘quadrocopters’ were not powerful enough to fly while carrying a full glass bottle. That feat would only be possible using a larger ‘octocopter’, but such a chunky machine would have made the bottles look unimpressively tiny by comparison.

But the show must go on, and so it was post house to the rescue, with the decision being taken to create 90% of the featured drones in CG.

Shanghai VFX whizzes Red Mustache deserve enormous credit for stepping up and taking on the dramatically increased workload. Across a sleepless fortnight, the team modeled, rendered, shaded and animated the drone fleet. Lighting in particular presented challenges, in that every small change in the movement of a drone required time-consuming modifications to be calculated by the simulated real lighting spectrum.

The results are excellent; the machines look like they are really there, as they dip and dive through the night sky and market lanterns.

Praise is also due to young director Fu Binbin. Chosen for his skill in capturing the free spirit of youth, the Rio spots round off a prolific last twelve months for the former art director. He brings a vibrant authenticity to the custom-built night market, and neatly captures the fun and revelry around the barbecue skewers and free booze.

With only a month to create a TVC-quality film and five short clips, the production team deserves a well-earned drink. Hopefully there’ll be some benevolent robots on hand to deliver them.

Client(客户):RIO 锐澳
Agency(广告公司): 25 hours
Production House(制作公司):WE Productions
E.P(监制): 吴迪 Tanya Wu
Producer (制片):Leon
Lighting (灯光):林荣洲
Art (美术):萧峰
Wardrobe/Make up & Hair(造型):秋兰
Line Producer( 执行制片):陈韧、周浩
Post Producer(后期制片):三羊
Offline Editor(剪辑师):黄冰融、阿凯
Online Editor(后期合成师):左懿臻
CG Manager(后期制作主管):熊一多
Model artist(模型师):孙治国
Light artist(渲染师):吴志慧
Sound Mixing(混音合成):Kevin

虽然时间始终是摆在制作公司面前的一道槛,但跨过去次数多了,不少公司就找到了适配各种状况的方法。WE Productions与25Hours广告再次合作的锐澳“夜市”系列线上广告是WE接到的又一宗急活——需要在一个月的时间内交付五条15秒和一条1分种片子。在外人看来,制作公司的应对结果就像好莱坞大片一样,过程艰辛,但绝大都是团圆结局。



















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