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Bunches of babies | 宝贝广告集锦


​There are many variables that can make a producers job difficult, working with babies is one of those things.  A few recent spots for the China market have babies front and center, so SHP+ decided to speak with a few of the people behind the shoots to learn how to keep a baby calm under the lights.



Client | 客户: Munchkin;Agency | 广告公司: Logicillogic; Production | 制片: PRO Films; Director | 导演: Kevin Lee; DoP | 摄影师: Ricky Lim

This fun spot for Munchkin, produced by PRO Films with creative by Logicillogic, does an excellent job capturing the smiles, frowns, and pouts of thirty-two little ones.  To stage these precious moments Logicillogic shared, “it took a team effort from even production runners and crew, all making funny sounds and faces”.  The end result: babies need Munchkin’s Miracle 360 Cup or else you will have a mess on your hands.

满趣健广告颇为有趣,由PRO FILMS制作完成,创意则来自Logicillogic,广告捕捉了32个小宝宝的喜怒哀乐。Logicillogic跟我们分享了珍贵的拍摄时刻,“整个团队都要拼劲全力,包括制作人员和摄像人员在内,都要做鬼脸,弄动静,去逗小宝宝开心”。最后呈现的是:小宝宝需要满趣健Miracle 360 防泼洒水杯,才不至于弄得脏兮兮。


Client | 客户: 拍拍贷; Agency | 广告公司: W; Production | 制片: WE Productions; Director | 导演: Eli Sverdlov; DoP | 摄影师: David Emmanual; Editor | 编辑: Noam Weissman; Post | 后期: Gravity; Music |音乐: Tomer Biran; Casting | 经纪公司: Fiona

This thought-provoking spot for peer-to-peer online consumer credit lender Paipai Dai, gets you thinking about the future.  While the production team from WE Productions made it look effortless to film a lot of babies crawling around, “it definitely took patience” Creative Director Li San Shui, from the Shanghai-based agency W, shared.

拍拍贷互联网信用借贷平台的广告发人深思,激起了人们对未来的思考。WE Productions制作团队打造的很多小宝宝爬来爬去的画面,让人看起来很轻松,但是上海创意广告W创意总监李三水却表示,“这着实要有点耐心。”

With two young mothers on the production team, and the director himself a father of three, everyone did what it took to work with the young, unpredictable talent. Tanya Wu from WE Productions said, “We didn’t mind the baby’s messy diapers or food on their hands” the hardest part she continued was, “the helpless and often scared crying. They were simply too small to understand why they could see their mothers right there, but they couldn’t come over to hug or play with them.  Of course all of the parents understood and appreciated what the production house was trying to achieve.  None of the parents complained, this was quite an achievement from the production’s perspective”.

制作团队里有两个年轻妈妈,导演本人也是三个孩子的父亲,宝宝很小,也很难哄,所以团队每个人都非常努力。来自WE Productions的Tanya Wu说道,“我们不怕小宝宝脏脏的尿布,也他们不怕手上抓满食物”,最难的是“那种无助感,还有小孩子受到惊吓哭出声来。小宝宝太小了,不知道为什么妈妈就在旁边,却不过来抱抱他们,不陪他们玩。当然,所有家长都理解制作团队的苦心,也很感激。没有任何一个家长有什么抱怨,这在制作团队看来已经是了不起的成就了。”

Li San Shui added, when working with babies “it’s interesting to imagine the babies in this shoot now, looking back to this spot when they are 18 years old and what they will think of it, will they still trust or believe in that brand that they were representing as an infant”



Client | 客户: Huggies; Agency | 广告公司: BrandImage; Production | 制片: Fat Fat Cat Productions

Lorna Chua, founder of Fat Fat Cat Productions says the key is “to know their sleep schedule and know what makes them happy”.   Her team casted the babies for this photoshoot through a mix of casting agents and a few friends who they knew had babies.   When working with babies Lorna continued, “you need to be reasonable in your expectations of which shots you will be able to capture”.  It can also be a bit more fun on set though, “when you capture that moment, their smile, or unexpected action which is perfect for what’s needed” this makes all the tears and screaming worth it.

Fat Fat Cat Productions创始人Lorna Chua指出,关键就在于“了解小宝宝的睡眠时间,知道怎么去逗笑他们”。小宝宝选角一部分来自经纪公司,还有一部分是拍摄团队自己周围几个朋友的小宝宝。Lorna继续说道,拍摄小宝宝时,“预期要现实一点,知道能捕捉到什么镜头”。但其实拍摄现场也不无乐趣,“捕捉到某一个镜头,小宝宝的微笑,或者是意想不到的一个动作,恰好完美契合了拍摄需求”,所有的哭泣和喊叫都是值得的。


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