STARTFilms & GOODZILLA live freely …

While the shooting regulations in China haven’t allowed the industry to come back to «business as usual» just yet, this month the commercial film scene has surely livened up. Finally, new films have started to appear, even though the recent … »

Weekly AD |「真我至上」Budweiser x Anomaly x STARTFilms

Budweiser 百威 x Anomaly x STARTFilms CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | Budweiser Agency 代理商 | Anomaly Executive Producer 监制 | Kingsley Director 导演 | Roni EP Group 监制组 Assistant Executive Producer 执行监制 | Clementine Director Crew 导演组 Shooting Board 脚本分镜 … »

Weekly AD |「管我怎么跑」PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms

  PUMA x Play x Pause(上海)x STARTFilms CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:PUMA Agency | 代理商:Play x Pause(上海) Production | 制片公司:STARTFilms Executive Producer | 监制:Scarlett Producer | 制片:沈璘祺 Director | 导演:Jayga Rayn Director of photography | 摄影指导:Richie kendall Gaffer | 灯光师:JOE Post Producer … »

Weekly AD | 「没了烟火气,人生就是一段孤独的旅程」百事 Pepsi x 文明广告 Civilization x STARTFilms

  球迷烧烤   相亲火锅   街头汉堡 Credits 制片团队   Client 客户|百事 PepsiAgency 代理商|文明广告 Civilization Production 制作公司 :STARTFilms Executive Producer 监制|AJ文俊 Director 导演|陈一虢 EP Group 监制组 Assistant Executive Producer 监制助理|刘进宇 Director Crew 导演组 1st Assistant Director 副导演|罗婧 Written By 编剧|陈寅(《火锅篇》) Producer … »

Weekly AD | 「美不能输」 唯品会 x STARTFilms

唯品会「美不能输」 Production – STARTFilms Credits 制片团队 工作人员名单 General Manager 总监|陈学礼 Executive Producer 监制|Gloria Ge Director 导演|范扬仲 台湾制作团队 Executive Producer 监制|张正德 Producer Team 制片组 Producer 制片|周信池 Producer Team 制片组|陈皇谕(阿卫) Location Group 场景组|凯伦、张允 Production Assistant 场务组|小蔡team(台湾场务)、张靖宗(美术场务) Camera & Gaffer Team 摄影组&灯光组 Director of … »

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