​Weekly AD|「OPPO FIND X3 PRO」 COOLDOWN 技能冷却 x So What Media 索未文化

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:OPPO Agency 代理商:COOLDOWN 技能冷却 Creative Director 创意总监:蔡萌 Account Director客户总监:Kathy Producer 制片:添饭饭 Executive Producer 监制:姚卓 @So What Director 导演:JBL 李静波 Director’s Assistant 导演助理:Isabella Director of Photography 摄影指导:王天行 Art Director 美术指导:唐峥 Assistant Director 副导演:Alex Production Team制作组@北京 Producer 制片:朗爽 B-Cam … »

Monster Music behind OPPO ad sounds|OPPO广告音乐背后的工作室

OPPO Reno 5 OPPO Reno 5 latest advertising campaign will undoubtedly make you tap your feet. The main commercial film is a thirty seconds pick-me-up, with black and white shots of Chinese celebrities and a song that will play in your … »

Final Frontier’s League of Legends Epic for OPPO|FF终极先锋再现英雄史诗

Director’s Cut 导演剪辑版 Final Frontier produced a powerful League of Legends game-themed commercial to promote OPPO’s new Reno Ace 2 phone. Final Frontier终极先锋为OPPO的新手机Reno Ace 2制作了一个以《英雄联盟》为主题的宣传广告。 Directed by Hans-Christoph Schultheiss, the spot was designed and animated by German CG powerhouse, Sehsucht.   … »

Oppo’s Colorful Holiday World | OPPO的彩色假日世界

Glitter bursts, animation, and winter fun - OPPO’s new ad has it all. Take a glimpse behind the scenes with us. 爆炸闪光的气球、动画、冬季长跑 —— OPPO的新广告片全都让你看够。那么,让我们来看看幕后花絮吧。 … »

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