KARMA Keep’s Lazy God|KARMA为Keep打造 “懒神”

Laziness God 懒神之战 After ad campaigns pushing slogans like “Self-discipline gives me freedom”, and “If you fear it, you’re on the right track”, the sport app Keep did something completely unexpected. Their campaign features a lazy God, a male fairy wearing a … »

Weekly AD |「这都算KEEP」Keep x KARMA x Shooting Gallery Asia

Keep x KARMA x Shooting Gallery Asia CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Keep Agency 代理:KARMA Production 制作公司:Shooting Gallery Asia 上海魔术棒摄影有限公司 Director 导演:徐王良 EP 监制:Star Hu DOP 摄影师:刘良玉 Gaffer 灯光师:郭飞 Offline & Online:FEEL POST Colorist 调色:Node 3 Studio Mixing 混音:Fantasy Music Studio  

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