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Zou Fei delivering CNY mood|导演邹飞影片中的年味


Unfortunately, because of the current caronavirus crisis, this hasn’t been the Spring Festival that everyone was hoping for or expecting, with millions stuck at home or worrying for the friends and relatives while on holidays. But for at least a moment, let’s take our minds off this and see a few more CNY ads that under the circumstances might add even more significance to the true meaning on what this time of year represents.


Particularly, works of director Zou Fei caught our attention this year. Zou directed a mini-film for Midea titled “Come home, it’s enough” which generated 14.5 million views, 5.6K comments and over 10.5K reposts on the brand’s official Weibo alone. The 4-minute long commercial film plays up the CNY theme with a twist: appealing to a lot of young Chinese people who dread coming home for holidays because of high expectations from family about their future and life. This ad takes an interesting turn, when an “ideal son” with a 5 years plan and ambitious goals comes back home and everything seems fine. But then he turns the situation to his parents, setting the same high requirements for them as they do for him.


You don’t see much of the advertised Midea products, the commercial film is made with more focus on storytelling and share-ability for social media. Enjoy watching the video to see how there’s an AI rental involved in the plot, sending a message that perfection is not everything as long as there’s love and togetherness in the family.


Client 客户:美的
Production 制作方:37Film
Executive Producer 监制:Lou Si 罗思
Director导演:Zou Fei 邹⻜
DoP 摄影:Jin Chenyu 金晨煜
Color Correction 调色:YoKat
Art Director 美术指导:樱子.Zorana
Special Effects 特效:王浩⻰ Warren
Sounds Design 声音设计:Shao Hang 邵航
Special Effects/Composition 特效/合成:Craft Creations
Color Correction 调色:Craft Creations

Zou Fei also directed another CNY commercial for one of the most popular mobile games “King of Glory”. The dynamic video with multiple settings shows different groups of players celebrating their victories in the game, as well as in the real life. The ad cleverly connects the typical CNY situations with the language of the game: “the matching mode” as a metaphor to the love matchmaking that singles face when coming back home for the holidays; “finding a hero” when depicting a guy taking home a stray cat and many more. The commercial is clearly targeting gamers, because its specific humor is hard to understand for non-players. On the director’s Xinpianchang page, users comment, that this is a “must-have game for the CNY, especially now that everyone should avoid going outside”.


Client 客户:王者荣耀
Production 制作方:37Film
Executive Producer 监制:Lou Si 罗思
Director 导演:Zou Fei 邹⻜
Color Correction 调色:光耀哇
Sounds Design 声音设计:Shao Hang 邵航
Editor 剪辑:Song Yang 宋暘
Art 美术:罗汉果Lo

In times of crisis, films can often help make us feel better and bring us closer together. Good storytelling and filmmaking, whether for movies, TV or even commercials, can help us feel less alone and if nothing more be entertained. We wish everyone a healthy and safe continuation of their holiday and look forward to showcasing many more great Chinese campaigns in the coming weeks.


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