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Oppo’s Colorful Holiday World | OPPO的彩色假日世界


Glitter bursts, animation, and winter fun – OPPO’s new ad has it all. Take a glimpse behind the scenes with us. 爆炸闪光的气球、动画、冬季长跑 —— OPPO的新广告片全都让你看够。那么,让我们来看看幕后花絮吧。

The recent commercial by Fred & Farid and Red Horse Film for OPPO celebrates the approaching holiday season wishing us all a “Renew Year”. The shoot took place over three days in several locations of the Czech Republic, including a mountain of artificial snow created in the middle of a green pastoral landscape just outside Prague.

最近,由广告代理公司佛海佛瑞和赤马影视公司为OPPO拍摄的新商业广告片上线了,庆祝即将到来的假期,并送上“Renew Year(再次开启一年)”的祝福(译者注:与广告片中宣传的手机OPPO Reno2的名称共用了字母“Ren”)。片子花了三天时间拍摄,拍摄于捷克的不同地方,包括布拉格郊外在一个原本是绿色草原中堆出的人造雪山上。

This live action spot incorporates vibrant animation, which gets you in the festive mood without using all the traditional cliche characteristics often associated with new year ads. Instead, the campaign’s message is “let OPPO bring fun and color into you life all year round!”


To create this playful atmosphere of the film, Director Martin Aamund masterfully engaged sequences that range from colorful balloons bursting in a beautiful palace, make-shift flying duck machine attempting to launch off over a river and three performers hidden in huge snowmen costumes.

为了打造出视频中那种玩得很嗨的气氛,导演马丁·阿蒙德(Martin Aamund)拍摄了多个连续镜头,并巧妙出色地将这些镜头组合在一起,包括彩色气球在华美的宫殿里爆炸、设法开动一只鸭子飞行器在河面上飞、三个穿巨大雪人道具服的演员。

With the help of NY based, Australian illustrator Brolga, who populated the film with cute 2D monsters and color splashes, all these varied elements came to life in what can only be described as a fresh and unique commercial.


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Client 客户:OPPO

Agency 代理:FF 佛海佛瑞

Production:Red Horse Film 赤马传媒

Director 导演:Martin Aamund

DP 摄影师:Jens-Jakob Thorsen

Illustration Artist 插画艺术家:Brolga

Prague Production Service 制作服务: Zoom Film Team

Offline Editor 线外剪辑:Filip Malasek

Post (including 2D animation):PFX

Music Composer 音乐:Joe


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