LAB+|JUICY WORKSHOP 7: Buick Electra Concept Car

In our LAB+ series of articles we are giving production companies, post houses, music houses, CG & VFX artists, an opportunity to demonstrate transparency in their technical set of skills bringing to light their most interesting projects and collaborations. SHP+ 的LAB+系列还在进行中。在这一系列的文章中,我们为制作公司、后期制作公司、音乐公司、CG&VFX 艺术家等,提供了一个展示他们技术能力极其透明的机会,以介绍他们最有趣的项目和合作。 … »

The Cyberpunk Worlds of Axl Le|乐毅的赛博庞克世界

AXL LE Digital Artist/ 3D vlogger Digital artist Axl Le was always interested in video games and their fantasy worlds. “My bachelor’s degree was playing World of Warcraft for five years,” he says. In fact, Le graduated as an architect, … »


A word from the Editor in Chief: SHP+ is excited to continue our mission of bringing awareness to the unsung craftspeople behind advertising films.  We would like to help them share their new techniques, their secrets, their impressive skills.   We … »

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