While Athletes Sweat, Brands Work Out Their Creativity | 运动员挥洒汗水,品牌挥洒创意

2016夏季奥运会在里约热内卢拉开大幕。超过10000名运动员与260个国家和地区在巴西为国家与奖牌挥洒汗水。对于各大品牌来说,里约同时也是一个挥洒创意,为运动员加油鼓劲的地方我们特意从众多品牌的奥运广告中挑出了以下几项。 Over 100,000 athletes and 260 countries are currently competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We’ve picked out some of this year’s best Olympic campaigns from China. 海信这则《我要》的广告将画面感与色彩发挥的淋漓尽致,在为中国体操队鼓劲的同时将里约的热度带入了中国。 Hisense released a dynamic spot featuring athletes … »

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